In the mind of an Alcoholic

May 3, 2010
By , Londonderry, NH
The mind of Alcoholics is something I will never understand. It almost in fact amazes me, but from seeing my mother the way she was and how her life was ruined by this disease, I can assume the worst. To me, Alcoholism is an addiction. A terrible habit forced upon you at a young age by either peer pressure, depression or just curiosity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a sin to go out every once in a while and have a couple of drinks, but to drink like there isn't going to be a tommorow is pretty brutal. I've watched my mother slowly decline her happiness in life by drinking each and every day. In my eyes, alcoholics can never be cured. Yes, there is treatment like Alcoholics Anonymous, rehab hospitals, etc. But your mind never really accepts the fact that you don't want alcohol anymore. You can go the rest of your life without having anoter drink but It's still a great struggle that can haunt you forever. Im sorry for those who have it and congrats to those who don't for one day, i wish there will be an antidote for Alcoholism.

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