should the drinking age be raised

May 3, 2010
By , north vernon, IN

I think the drinking age should be raised to at least twenty-five. If it was raised,there would be less deaths and less car accidents. Also,adults would have more brain cells and would be smarter. Everybody is always complaining about overpopulation in the jail,so if you raise the drinking age,there wouldn't be so many people in jail for drinking and driving or public intoxication.

How many deaths are involved with drinking and driving?If you raised the driving age,there would be less accidents and it would lower the death rate. If you don't raise it,the death rate will keep going up and there will be more funerals.

Some adults are so dumb because they drank acohol when they were younger. If the drinking age was raised,the adults would have more brain cells and people might be smarter. Also,there would be more smart drivers on the roads.

When you raise the drinking age,there would be less people going to jail and less overpopulating in the cells. Also you can only put only two or three inmates in one cell. There would also be more room to move freely in the jails.

Thats why is think we should raise the drinking age to at least twenty-five. To many people are getting killed in car accicidents. If you want to keep killing people and letting them get stupid,don't raise the age.

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Cristina said...
May 26, 2010 at 4:57 am
n spàin the here in spaun it´s illegal to drink if you are above 18 but the people still drinkin because it´s fun so if the drinking age is raised people would still drinking because they like so I think your article is stupid because people do what they want
lovemeorleaveme said...
May 18, 2010 at 3:19 pm

hey...i stay in india...n here it is nobdy follows it....evn 15 yr olds cn drnk...n its vry distrbing....i dnno where r gnrtn is goin...keep writin i fully support u..!!


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