Legalize Marijuana!

March 25, 2010
America would like to know the truth. It’s only right to give it through descriptive points. It is unfair for those elders who have to endure pain and have to resort to an expensive means of stabilizing it temporarily, such as medicine pills. However the ecstatic Marijuana plant is cheap to produce and will produce a plentiful harvest. While carrying disgusting ingredients what makes Cigarettes legal? Cigarettes have nicotine and tobacco, which causes cancer and is addictive, but still, that’s legal?

Taxing a product that’s in high demand will get us back on our feet after this recession. The government will fund businesses to start by having a large stock, and the businesses of course pay them back from a percentage of their earnings. Also, by opening more businesses this means there will be more jobs and opportunities for our home of the brave land of the free.

Along with the chain of effects from taxing Marijuana, our taxes will not be wasted on Jail sentences due to Marijuana arrests, and trust me, there are ALOT of Marijuana arrest cases. Surely you would not like to know that your money is going to fund an area to work out in a weight room and cable television that’s not even yours. Legalizing Marijuana will not only raise money from taxing it but a smart way of stopping our country wasting our tax money.

While money is of course a great concern with hard working citizens, they worry not only of their wealth, but lives more importantly. Marijuana has lead to no deaths thus far, and has nothing but healthy symptoms. Marijuana relaxes the user and places them in a tranquil state. Some of the businesses are scared that Marijuana will put them out of work, so they pursue to make false facts of the drug to their imposture into the media.

In the end, congress should be more aware of what America wants. Until they cease to be reluctant, we will never have a cheaper, natural, healthy drug. We will be wasting millions even billions each year by not accepting the drug into our country. This is not only my country, but yours, is personal opinion worth the denial of a great drug?

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