Do you think you are cool?

April 15, 2010
The idea of smoking sickens me. Both my parents have smoked in the past, thankfully we (my brothers and I)persuaded them to quit. The sight of teenagers smoking makes me think what goes on in there head. Do they think that they are cool? They are destroying there lives and they laugh as they do it. And the people stupid enough to do cocain, heroin, and marjiuana, do they think they are cool also. Do they do it just to get high. And I know that I dont have the mind set of a druggy but i dont see the point is doing drugs. And the people that drink alcohol to get drunk are almost, if not, as stupid as the druggies. They and destroying their livers and are having a good time doing it. Alcohol is a depressant and eventually they will feel terrible, so is it worth all the vomiting and unconsiousness. I think not.

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