Affects on Teen Drinking

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Do you know a teen in your community that drinks alcohol? Do you ever imagine what may happen to their lives later on? As you read along you’ll learn about the damages it can lead you to, ways you could possibly control teens or yourself if you drink, and how drinking can affect your education and sports.

There are many reasons why teens choose to drink. Teens may choose to drink because they’re curious of what it tastes like, they think that it’ll reduce their stress, or at some point they want to feel older. Some people may choose to drink because they feel pressured or they drink because they think it’ll make them feel cool. Does it really make you feel cool? In my opinion I would say no. If you want to know what beer tastes like, why don’t you just wait until you’re an actual adult? If you want to reduce your stress, why don’t you talk to a person who can give you good advice, and if you want to feel older why don’t you just act mature enough? It’s not your decision to drink at whatever age. Just remember, you’re still living with your parents and siblings who care about you; they don’t want to see you fall apart.
When you drink alcohol at a very young age it can lead you through many dangers. Some of those dangers may be deadly. What I mean by dangers is that drinking at a young age can affect , , car accidents, and jail. Many of the health problems you can get are vomiting, memory loss, seizures, confusion, irregular breathing, pale skin, low body temperature, stop growing, and may get you STD. You can also tell whether a teen is drinking by the color of the skin, the way their acting, and how sick they look or feel. Life would be hard to deal with if you drank at such a young age. Just imagine how easy your life would be!

Many high school students are more likely to be overweight, and have high blood pressure when you reach the ages around 20. High school students who drink have a harder time focusing in class and are more likely to drop out. Drinking can lead you to struggles with studying. When you drink you may never realize that the most important people in your life had left you because of how you may have acted when you were drunk. While drinking, people might become moody or angry. Many people look at the positive side of drinking instead of the negative side.

Do you know there are many ways to control a teen from drinking? There are many people or places around the world you could go to, to prevent you from drinking. Example, if you’ve seen the show Celebrity Rehab on channel 39 (also known as VH1) it shows a place around California called the Pasadena Recovery center. It’s a place where people go to, to control their alcohol and drug usage. There are also people you can go to that you know will do a good job in helping yourself to control you from drinking. If you choose not to control yourself from drinking, you might not know what will be heading your way sometime later on in life.

Choosing to drink at a young age is a bad decision to not only your family and friends, but to you too. Drinking alcohol can mess up your future. Such as college scholarships, careers, and many other adventures you can find in this amazing world. Never do something that you’ll ever regret later on because it’ll just ruin what you have coming your way.

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