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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

We Are Who We Are
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I woke up to fighting. Someone was angry about the doings of someone else. Why should it matter what the person beside you is doing. I also heard yelling about the religon of the other person. Do I think the other person deserved to be yelled... (more »)
Guns Don't Choose Sides
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*DISCLAIMER* The following third party radio ad and website were created for the purpose of a school assignment. It does not actually exist and is meant only to inspire others.   The following message has been sponsored by the... (more »)
“Let Freedom Ring”
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It has been seen and heard daily across the nation that today's society has still not developed the full concept of equality and what it stands for. Historical moments in this nation’s past, and laws today, hold a meaning that needs... (more »)
How Far Can Someone Be Pushed?
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How far can someone be pushed before they break? It just depends on the person, I guess. But we all have our limits, don't we? Our human hearts, no matter how strong, can only take so much.   The hurtful words.The taunting and teasing are... (more »)
Should Racism Be Illegal
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Should Racism be illegal? Reasons why it should be illegal is that People would not blame a color if something bad happened, Another reason racism should be against the law because the world would be a much better place.     My... (more »)
Dress Code Against Girls
By , independence, MO
The school dress code is discriminating to girls. Girls are getting dresscoded and bullied for stuff they wear. Girls should not have to go out of school to change their clothes because boys are getting “distracted”. Boys should be... (more »)
Our Society
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I do not write this to offend another. I am only stating my opinion about this world and society. The world that our majesty has given us. How can you describe fast? Ugly? Fat? How do you know what athletic is? The level? The society  made... (more »)
Is it really?
By , Millbrook, AL
Homosexuality. Living within a Christian family, I am constantly told that homosexuality is a sin. But why is it considered that? There are a lot of people, Christians included, who believe that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual.... (more »)
Black Lives Matter Movement
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I stand for Black Lives Matter, which means I stand for no hate or racism. I have gotten called names because I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I am going to tell you every reason I support Black Lives Matter, I will also be date with... (more »)
Exemplification at Its Finest
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Three Ways to Put Yourself in a Bad Mood   The very first step in accomplishing this rewarding aspiration includes enrolling in a specific English class in which you will be required to express the many negative attributes of your... (more »)
Dear America
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I'm a African-American girl, I would give you my name but to you it's irrelevant because you already have my skin color, which means you've already got an opinion of me. You've never seen me, you've never met me, so you wouldn't know that I like... (more »)
Sexism in the Gaming Community: How it Surfaces... This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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After joining the gaming community over three years ago, I’ve learned that not everything in the community is about playing FPS games and battling OP dragons. Upon joining the gaming community, I was faced with blatant sexism, the likes... (more »)
Some Questions
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Hi there, My name is Amber and I have a couple questions… 1. Why are Caucasians accused of being racist? I mean yes some of them are… but then again people of other races are racist against them as well… so why? Why... (more »)
Colours:The Dark Side
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When we are asked to talk about colours or put fourth our thoughts on the same, we naturally drive our minds or rather say that our mind automatically drives it's thoughts towards admiring the beauty of the variety the nature offers in... (more »)
Fighting Discrimination: Whom- but Ourselves-...
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Whom- but ourselves- should we hate? What gives us right to discriminate against a certain gender or race or group of people? I can understand hating an individual who has done us wrong, but what justification do we have to hate an entire... (more »)
I Can't Breathe
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"I can't breathe" cuz I'm black. I can't breathe cuz I come from black parents, black grandparents, and a nation of black people. I can't breathe because just yesterday and the day before, two men were shot and killed for no apparent reason, and... (more »)
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