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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

We Are All Immigrants, Like It or Not
By , Farmers Branch, TX
You and I we are not different we all have a purpose in life which is survive or die our ancestors did the same thing. Don’t some people have shame that they discriminate others knowing that we are the same. Many Americans think America is... (more »)
Black and White Violence
By , petal, MS
Black on Black violence should stop because it affects African American all over the world.In Chicago a fraternity comes together to spread the need for change in communities where violence is occuring. Black lives matter movement and other... (more »)
Demand Respect, It's The Only Way To Get It
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People with disabilities cannot be treated as equal as an abled person. As the name implies, there is something they cannot do and therefore accommodations must be made.  My disability is that I'm hearing impaired. As the name... (more »)
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Prejudice is a big problem in today’s society.  Many problems throughout history, which would’ve been easy otherwise to solve, were ignored or worsened in favor of using different social prejudices to find a scapegoat. ... (more »)
What Does Fredrick Douglass Value?
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Fredrick Douglass was one of the most inspirational and influential men on the matter of the slave trade and many believe that if it weren't for Douglass, slavery would have lasted many years longer than it did. In Douglass's Learning... (more »)
More Than A Color
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I don’t know where to start considering I have so much to say, so I’m going to start from the very beginning.     All through elementary “I had no thoughts” I didn’t think about how I may be... (more »)
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Being immigrant does not mean that you are not a human, because there is no difference from being an immigrant from being a human, because immigrant are human too. Some of my question that might be your questions too are: Why are immigrants... (more »)
Men, Women, Equality
By , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sexism by definition is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination against women. We live in a new society where everyone is “equal.” Everyone is the same. Then why do men get paid more than women, why do women have to be looked at... (more »)
Are There Any Stereotypes Towards Your Ethnicity?
By , riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dazzling lights, enchanting sounds, and sharply matching dances. The world is actively and enthusiastically responding to the new Korean wave, a market which grew nearly $3.4 billion in the first half of 2012. Welcome to the world of k-pop!... (more »)
Stereotypes Affecting Me
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In my life I have encountered people that expect me to not be able to leave the house, ever and those people also believe that i live in a house made of mud, when in fact, that is absolutely incorrect. As a woman that lives in Saudi Arabia,... (more »)
Ethics in Animal Research
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Animal research is not an easy topic to talk about, as it creates a lot of controversy the suffering endured by the animals involved is justified. It cannot be said that the researchers do not employ a set of ethical guidelines: 1. avoid... (more »)
Experience with Stereotypes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Atlanta, GA
One of the most annoying stereotypes I have encountered several times is about me wearing a hijab. Sadly, most of these stereotypes are based on misunderstandings. For example, "hijabis are quiet and traditional", and "women who wear a hijab are... (more »)
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what does it mean to have virtue? Virtue isn't a phase you grow of, or a fad that comes and goes. Some may argue that virtue is a restriction on how you live your life. However, what they don't understand is that virtue isn't a 20... (more »)
Breaking the Sterotype
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Have you ever felt that other people expect you to be or act a certain way because of your culture or  your nationality?   My answer is yes. Nearly everyday of my life. I am a  Saudi Arabian female raised in a Saudi Arabian society, and... (more »)
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But...Bacon! This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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When I was nine, I strode into my parents’ bedroom and declared that I had decided to stop eating meat. My mom, a vegetarian for 25 years, looked up from her nonfiction book, gave me a bemused smile, and said, “Okay, honey.”... (more »)
Opinion on Jehovah's Witness
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What are the beliefs of Jehovah's Witness? What is true and false? Have you ever just been the outsider, looking in? I have been, especially with the Jehovah Witness religion.  Jehovah’s are just like all of us individuals... (more »)
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