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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

Women's Rights
By , Brainerd, MN
Why are women considered to be like trophies or awards?  Men think that every woman should be of a trophy, one that can be displayed or shown off.  When a man and woman date, the female is often almost required  to give her body to the... (more »)
Here’s to Acceptance, Our Culture, to Our... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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You are in India, riding through the teeming intersection in the heart of a city, when a few men come knocking at your car. They beg for money. Your driver’s eyes are fixed on the road.  He does not hear or see the people outside.... (more »)
The Truth About Being a Lesbian This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I am a girl. I like other girls. Nothing else to it but that. No, I wasn’t born this way. No, someone didn’t turn me gay for the rest of my life. No, I’m not waiting for the perfect guy to come along and sweep me off my feet.... (more »)
We Have a Voice
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As a society, how do we conquer and make the world a better place to live in? Maybe if everyone had the same mentality we could move forward as a society, but in great times of advances we are not developing our potential, only sinking in... (more »)
Sexism in the Gaming Community: How it Surfaces... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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After joining the gaming community over three years ago, I’ve learned that not everything in the community is about playing FPS games and battling OP dragons. Upon joining the gaming community, I was faced with blatant sexism, the likes of... (more »)
Girls Are a Gender
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Girls nowadays isn't even a gender for boys anymore. We just toys that they can play with anytime they want. They say they want us but yet they go looking for others. Guys don't want a girl they want multiple toys. Guys don't want to be with... (more »)
Children Don't Understand
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Kids in this generation are constantly on their phones even in the classrooms. Take the situation covered by CSmonitor posted March 31, 2013; A white male student and an African American student had both been on their devices during a class... (more »)
The Sexism of School Dress Code
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Are school dress codes sexist and targeting females more than males? The question of school dress codes is a controversial argument in today’s society. In my opinion, the answer to the question of dress codes in schools being sexist is... (more »)
Child Soldiers
By , aurora, CO
Judges,           Did you know that there are currently 120,000 children in war in Africa? So many children are struggling right now to find food and shelter. They didn’t want the war,... (more »)
The Path to Equality Begins with US
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The ability to go out into the street at night and not be afraid of who or what is out there is a right that should belong to all people, most of all women. Something as small as the ability to walk outside at night should never be taken from... (more »)
The Dark Side of Disney
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When someone says the name Disney, what do you think of? For most, thoughts go straight to happily ever afters, magic spells and true love. But what if I told you they were not always like this? In fact, majority of Disney films came from... (more »)
Racial Discrimination Speech
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Racial Discrimination. Racial Discrimination is not a good thing. In fact if you look at the words “Racial Discrimination” there is nothing good about it. Nothing. The last word is Discrimination. Everybody always says “Oh discrimination... (more »)
Pepper Spray This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The “True Alpha Male” is what misogynist Elliot Rodgers identified himself as before he massacred six people in his “war against women” in Santa Barbara on May 23, 2014. Women today are not safe in this world, and... (more »)
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Don't Point the Blame When You Can't...
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In Germany, around the 1900's, Jews were dehumanized and killed for their beliefs; about six million Jews were killed. In today's generation, Muslims have become the new group to be discriminated against and are on the verge of being... (more »)
Letter to Congress
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Dear U.S Congress, My name is Shawn B and I am a young African American male, who is a high school student in New London, CT. I am not the typical negative stereotype that society seems to perceive me as. I am writing with many concerns... (more »)
Taking Advantage of Animals
By , Davidson, NC
Have you ever taken advantage of animals? I’m sure your answer is “no, I would never do that”, but you need to think twice. What do you actually do to animals and how can you change?   Cats, dogs, and many other... (more »)
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