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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

You should'nt bully
People bully to get attention. I really don't like it when people bully me and people I care about. Other people bully because they think it is funny to see people cry. But it isn't, it makes people not want to do things they have to do... (more »)
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Why do people have to make such rude comments? I get onto a chat room, and all I see are harmful words. Try to smooth things over, and I get sucked in; caught in the middle of ugly words getting thrown around. Walking down the street I hear cuss... (more »)
Segregation Of America
By , Smithtown, NY
Segregated America (Few of Many Thoughts) It is currently 2014, and I sadly still live in a segregated world. There’s a cultural, economic, racial, and irrelevant division between the races of America, still. What does it mean to “act... (more »)
Discrimination in School
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It is a common sight in schools- gangs of boys and girls roaming around while a few are left alone. Many of the gang members always surround the gang leader-the most popular or the most intelligent or the richest. The gang members always flatter... (more »)
Who are we to judge?
Who Are We to Judge? Some say homosexuality is a choice, some say its a sin, others say people were just born that way. I guess we’ll never really know, but with time society will have even more acceptance and opportunities for the gay... (more »)
Anmial abuse
By , liberal, KS
ANIMAL ABUSE Thesis: is aspect of society that sincerely breaks my heart is the lack of compassion for animals; these are God’s creatures, they deserve our care, and they add enormously to our lives. These are God’s creatures for crying... (more »)
Asian American Movement
The Asian American Movement The Asian American Movement was the history of an ethnic and racial groups in the United States who are immigrants or people that are from people that came from the continent of Asia. This took place in the 1960’s.... (more »)
By , Granville, MI
Life story, whats a life story. Is it how you've felt, is it events throughout life, is it what you've accomplished or is it just nothing. What if i'm just nothing. What if, there isnt a story. Maybe there wasn't meant to be... (more »)
"Oh you got into a UC college? Meh. You could do better." Many people look upon UCs as an average college. However, lets go to present day California. It is much harder to get into any college at all these days. Why? Well there are a... (more »)
Understanding and Accepting Ourselves
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good, beautiful,intelligent are words in which we all want to define ourselves(mostly). The pride in understanding who we are and what we want to achieve is mostly dependant on how the people around us perceive it. Sometimes going out of the way... (more »)
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I'm not sure if I am alive at all now. I don't know if I have a place on earth yet . If I do, i'm totally oblivious to it.The way I've felt for my whole life is a weird story and it actually starts with something no fourteen... (more »)
Hiding Who You Are
How would it feel if you had to hide your sexual orientation because of your own terror? What if you felt like you had the choice between a living hell or hiding who you really are? Gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals are bullied every single day for... (more »)
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Bullying Bullying is a problem. Millions of kids around the world get bullied. Did you know that over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year, according to dosomething Bullying can be many different things, for example someone... (more »)
By , Hartland, WI
Have you ever been discriminated against? Do you wake up every morning having to worry about this? Many people do. Many people think that racism is a problem of the past and there are new problems that need to be solved, but we still need to work... (more »)
Community Service
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Dear Society, Like many, I have been a Girl Scout for a majority of my life. I grew up with community service. It was just a part of life. My troop and I created a community garden behind one of our churches. I adored helping out the town. Now... (more »)
America's Illness
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Gay. This word echoes through the halls of our schools, our parks, and other public places. Take a moment and think; in the past twenty-four hours, how many times have you heard that term used synonymously with stupid or lame. If your number is... (more »)
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