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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

Can We Really Repay the Native Americans?
By , Burlington , KY
Can we truly repay the debts that we owe to the Native Americans? Can we repay years of being looked down upon and forced out of their homes? When I asked these questions to some peers of mine, the answer usually came in the form... (more »)
In Defense of "Real Women Have Curves"
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The only way to be a woman is to be thin. Look around you: you know it's true. I mean, the entire world's backing it up - fashion magazines, books from the trending fictions shelves, screw it, even open a doctor's catalogue and you're bound to... (more »)
America Is Bleeding
By , Unalaska, AK
On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the “Land of the Free” closed its airports to the refugees most in need of help. The executive order that banned people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from travelling to the United... (more »)
Feminity in Women
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In our society there is a current stereotype put on woman. Women are held to stereotypes based on personality, domestic behavior, occupations, and physical appearance. In society a typical feminine woman is described as soft spoken, slender,... (more »)
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Because the number of immigrants coming to live in the United States has increased over the past years, racism against them has increased. Along with this, immigrants are intimidated by the government and are deprived of job and education... (more »)
THH: Ebony, Ivory, Gold This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Picking up Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I was expecting something of a whopper. I was snooping around for my summer book club, and wondered if this was the one. Reading, I was musically moved by Angelou’s natural poetry,... (more »)
Freedom Writers are Freedom Lovers
By , Dutch Harbor, AK
A November 10, 2016 article on NPR said that LGBT people are worrying about Trump removing the protection for them because Trump said that he wants to rescind all of Obama’s executive orders, which includes the protection of gay and... (more »)
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Equality is being able to have the same rights and opportunities as anyone else. Yet, why is it that women aren't totally equal in the world we live in. I feel that Inequality is a prominent issue in today's society that enables women... (more »)
Anti-Mexican Sentiment By Abisai Gonzalez
By , stone mountain , GA
Dear Uncle,       A few weeks ago I heard that you are planning on crossing the border, and to come back to achieve your American Dream. I wish I could tell you that I am excited about you coming here, but I... (more »)
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Dear President Trump, Three-thousand. That is the number of people that were killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S.. . And sixteen. That is the number of people that were killed in the San Bernardino shootings on... (more »)
Why Now Is a Great Time To Be a Girl This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“Well behaved women seldom make history.” This quote alone could help define how society and the world saw women. Second-class citizens who shouldn't be making waves and stick to being quiet. For hundreds of years, women were seen as... (more »)
Dear Young Black Man
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Dear Young Black Man, In this society, and in this country, you will face injustice, downfalls, and straight inequality. We have come a long way from being segregated from other races and cultures. But yet, in reality, there is still... (more »)
An Open Letter
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January 13, 2017 Dear upcoming generations, There are things in this world that I don't think can be changed. People that I don't think care to change them. Those of the minority community have been subjected, for many years,... (more »)
Black Sunshades on a Black Face?
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Tenu kala chashma jachda ae Jachda ae gore mukhde te (Black glasses looks nice on you Looks nice on your white face) Hold up- only on a white face? Aw, really? Then I guess  I'll have to run down to the supermarket and get the most... (more »)
Is America Really the Land of the Free?
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I don’t understand why peoples skin color matter. We are all made with the same kinds of cells, they are just mixed up a little bit. Unfortunately the chains of judgment are still shackling us today. We all have a gray base how can you... (more »)
Civil Rights: A Plea for Winter's End This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I was born in winter so deep, with a whiteness so thick and suffocating that it strangled any breath of color. I was surrounded by a pale-faced doctor and a herd of white-uniformed nurses who delivered me in Maine, the second-whitest state in... (more »)
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