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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

Affirmative Action Is Racist
By , Farmington, CT
Affirmative action does nothing to prevent racism, on the contrary, it increases it. By implementing affirmative action, you are doubting the abilities of minorities such as blacks and latinos. In the modern era we live in, they have the same... (more »)
Japan Welcomes Immigrants
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I am going to write about “does Japan welcome immigrants?”. In my opinion, I think Japan welcomes foreign immigrants, because there are many places and things foreign immigrants can use in Japan. Actually, there are a lot of projects to... (more »)
A+ for Ability, not Asian
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Of all the bedtime stories I’ve been told, the fable of the tortoise and the hare has always been my favorite. This story taught me that, in the face of any endeavor, hard work would reap success. Only recently has the lesson of... (more »)
“Strolling:” A Powerful Web Series by...
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“Strolling” by Cecile Emeke is a series filmed in European countries such as France, Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands to the United States, and Jamaica. It is an intriguing web series that focuses on the unheard stories of the... (more »)
The N Word
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The N word has been draped in controversy for so long with many people feeling uncomfortable with it, and thus offended. But the only true way this word can be defeated is through the deconstruction of the feelings derived from it. No word has... (more »)
Poverty in the Eyes of the Viewer
Recently the news has been filled with stories about war, controversy, and hate and no one really seems to want to write about people understanding one another. It took me 2 days to find this article hidden in tiny font of the online edition of... (more »)
Rid of Racism
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Racism affects our jobs, our classes, our homes daily. Racism is believing that one race or religion is greater than another.  There are so many ways that we can prevent and eliminate racism. We just haven't taken the time to think about it.... (more »)
That's Why Being Gay Is Different This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Random, AK
My sister had sworn off romance novels, which was fine by me. She was a huge romantic and loved chick flicks and love stories, which I hated. She could be boy crazy and was obsessed with makeup and hair products. I was a closeted bisexual and a... (more »)
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The Muslim Debate
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As you look through the presidential debate, you see Donald Trump and his words of banning all Muslims. They are automatically eliminated as good people and are not see the ways anyone else is. They are disliked by America and it isn’t... (more »)
The Holocaust
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“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” -Ellie Wiesel I believe that a lot of people are at fault for the Holocaust, but I think the... (more »)
We Determine Our Future, No One Else
By , brooklyn, NY
The validation of others is not what pushes us to our destined future. On the contrary, it only delays and restrains us from pursuing what we are passionate about. Should a teen’s fate be determined by the opinions of others? It will only... (more »)
Animal Rights
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In today’s life it's unpredictable what you'll see happening in our society as you walk down the streets you live in, what the poor animals that have been abused have to deal with in their everyday life. Most people ignore the... (more »)
Gay people deserve the same rights as other people
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Gay people deserve the same rights we have! In my opinion Gay people should be able to do the same thing everyone else is allowed to do. For example a gay couple is not allowed to adopt a kid. Someone might say “oh well katie they... (more »)
Police Brutality
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The consequences of police brutality is not strong enough. Brutality is the unnecessary force against civilians.  I think that police brutality will not be good for the world or the US because they are be hurting innocent men and women... (more »)
Gender Pay Gap
By , Marlborough, MA
For many years, respect for women has been at an all time low. They're thought to be weaker, thought to be only good at housekeeping and raising children. In colonial times, you see stories of the men doing the hard work, and not the women.... (more »)
Slavery's Effects on America
By , Wilbraham, MA
Race is a myth; something created a long time ago characterizing people with similar features into groups. An issue with this is that some races think they are superior to others. Back in the 1600s, Whites -thinking they were superior and... (more »)
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