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Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

Global Education
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Poverty still exists in our modern world today, especially in China, Africa, and in middle-eastern countries. If 'rich' countries do not donate or provide now, then the children lacking an education could be 'a lost generation'.... (more »)
Which Is More Valuable: Natural Talent or Hard...
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Talent. This word defines as natural aptitude or skills. For me, talent is one of the main source that make people become lazy and clumsy. This can be my stereotype of talented people, but I support the idea that people who have natural talent... (more »)
Modern Feminism Has Created a False Sense That...
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Feminism, it’s a word that has a very powerful meaning behind it. It is the word that represents equality for all genders and has mostly achieved so much for women. It has brought many rights for women and individualism to women as... (more »)
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Words Hurt like Knives, but Judgment Could Hurt...
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We live in a society with a mix of different cultures and people, and yet we’re all still the same in some way. We are all human, we all have the same features that a human has, and we all grew up believing in what the society feeds us.... (more »)
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Since there was a breaking news that happens at the local Starbucks in Philadelphia, 2 black men were arrested for absolutely no reason. These are not the suspect fault, it was an officer.   In the video, which was posted to Twitter... (more »)
Pit Bull False Accusations
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Pit bulls are often mistreated out of fear. People who train fighting dogs use mostly pitbulls because of the strength in their jaws. Because of this most people think pitbulls are naturally vicious animals. But their not, they shouldnt be... (more »)
Inside and Out
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There have been a lot of issues in this world, but one of the biggest problems is self confidence. A lot of people find it really hard to accept themselves, especially girls. Girls feel like they have to look and act a certain way, but all they... (more »)
Is Racism Still Alive?
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How does racism affect people's lives ? Racism hurts people emotionally & mentally. Racism doesn’t just happen in person but, it does happen online to. Being racist online has an impact on racism in todays life. I remember... (more »)
Color of People
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Why does racism exist? In the old days racism was very harsh, people died. Racism is more than just words, it can hurt people and cause deaths.   I experience racism was when I was in my childhood. It was Halloween that day, it was... (more »)
The Criticism of One's Opinion Is Not...
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The criticism of one’s opinion is never equal to the oppression of another. And I don’t just mean oppression in the sense of genocide or other extremities. It can be found in slurs remarked in half-heard conversations. In a friend... (more »)
By , sacromento, CA
‘’ I have a dream that my children will not be judge by they color but by their character”  What is racism ? racism mean to me is people who get treated very differently because  of how they look and make them feel... (more »)
Racism Is Everywhere
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What is racism? Racism is when someone judges or assumes things about people that are not true. Another meaning for racism is not liking someone or treating someone unequally because of their skin color. Racism is one of the worst things about... (more »)
Immigrant Lives Matter
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What do we think of Immigrants? Immigrants are people who cross the border for a better life to put it simply. We’re all immigrants in some ways. We all want to be paid more and sometimes even minimum wages pays more money in Fast-Food... (more »)
The Way You Look
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Stereotype. Do you blame people because there color or style? Stereotype is when someone judges you because of your skin color or your style. I think stereotype is stupid because its similar to racism and I get offended by it.   I... (more »)
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Why do people assume mexicans are immigrants? Stereotype is when someone hears a racial joke or insult of an ethnic group then they automatically assume it’s true and uses it against you. I think stereotype is just weird and... (more »)
Things We Don't See
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What does racism means ? being a racist means “directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior”. I am not racist but sometime i think i am because of what this society is making... (more »)
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