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Most Recent Articles About Discrimination

Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

American Steering Wheels This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Justice is a joke – this isn’t the land of the free and our flag basically means nothing to me. People who aren’t us say things have changed, and to that I advise to stay in your lane. It’s easy to measure... (more »)
My Opinion About Sylvia Plath's Poem Daddy
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The role of men  and  women  has  changed  through  different  eras. Also, the role  of  men  and  women  vary  across  countries. One such  attitude  of ... (more »)
America, Land of Equality
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Over the last one hundred years, women have been fighting for the opportunity of independence, along with being able to support themselves. Although women have made leaps and bounds for our rights, we have failed to receive the respect deserved... (more »)
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The White Girl
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Yeah, that’s me. My skin is white, I like to where yoga pants, and I really do like to drink my flavored coffees. I suppose that makes me a ‘white girl’. I am not ashamed to be a white girl. It is the way I was born. My mom is white, my... (more »)
LGBT Representation in the Classroom
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As of right now, 37 out of 50 American states have legalized gay marriage. But even where it is legal, the stigma around homosexuality causes unjust discrimination and micro aggressive bullying. LGBT+(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and... (more »)
Fight Against the Remains of Abuse
Women empowerment has improved throughout history and their influence on society has kept growing. Feminist groups around the world fought for their rights, with both genders supporting it, and the demands were achieved, for the most part. As we... (more »)
Transgender Rights are Violated by the United... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Abby McCarthy Halpin, 4/1/15 Transgender Rights Are Violated in the United States Forty-one percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide. Discrimination and stigma trigger many transgender people’s... (more »)
When Curry Met the Taco
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I took a whiff of the hot,steaming chicken curry my mom had made. My mouth began to drool as I saw the boiling brown broth being served as the side for the chappati. Chappati is basically the indian version of a Taco shell,except it's... (more »)
The Truth About Women
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What would you think if you heard your mother say to you “Learn this now and learn this well, my daughter: Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman.” This is the reality that most women in radical... (more »)
Misunderstanding Islam
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Two days before my second birthday, on September 11, 2001, my parents sat and watched the news while I mindlessly played with my toys. Although I wasn’t aware of it, the world had changed, my world had changed. From then on, 9/11 was not... (more »)
Women, in the Islam World
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The role of women in Islam has been a really polemic topic all around the world, it has been part of many debates, and in many discussions. One of the things that really catches my attention is how women are seen less than man. This is a very... (more »)
Chick Lit Advocates
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“You read a lot? :) “ My friend asked in one of midnight conversations. It’s obvious that I’m book obsessed to some degree. How else could I be reading every time we texted late at night? Who else quotes ‘It pains an artist’s eyes to... (more »)
Gender Does Not Define You
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Dear women and men all around the world, I’m writing this open letter because I feel like fake gender roles and gender inequality is an issue that affects us all but not many of us are even aware that it exists. Around the world, women and... (more »)
Objects: Material Things, NOT Women
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Have you ever wondered what a world without discrimination would be like? A world where women are the same as men? The objectification of women has become a social issue which many people don’t know about. It has become something so regular... (more »)
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How can you possibly believe that you are somehow superior to another individual just like you? Well, that’s what landowners believed years ago when slavery was still around. Slavery is a mark of shame that blemished human morality. To... (more »)
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Inhumane Born on April 28, 1926, one of the greatest American female novelists was born unto this world; she grew up in Monroeville, Alabama ("Google." Google. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2015.). Known for her best and only novel To Kill a... (more »)
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