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May 7, 2018
By Loshiesman BRONZE, Beijing, Other
Loshiesman BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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Poverty still exists in our modern world today, especially in China, Africa, and in middle-eastern countries. If 'rich' countries do not donate or provide now, then the children lacking an education could be 'a lost generation'. Right now, 58 million children aren't in school, and 168million are receiving underage labor.

Education gives people a chance and opportunity to improve their lives. It allows them to escape their state of poverty, or helplessness and find a new and better life. Many stories have shown that through an education you can change your life. Such as the story of Ma Yan, she was an ordinary school girl living in poverty in the outskirts of Ning Xia, China. Until, she was able to receive an education. This changed her life dramatically, as she was able to read and write. She wrote her own diary which quickly became internationally recognized due to her dedication and persistence in her own education. Another true story that implements the education is the story of Malala. Malala was also an ordinary school girl who lived a peaceful and harmless life, however when the Taliban came around and banned women from going to the market, and banned girls from going to school. However this didn't stop Malala from fighting for her basic human rights; education. She secretly went to school every day, and it was a 'silent protest'. These life changing stories prove that education helps provide opportunities and chances to people, for people to avoid their elders same fate; poverty, or helplessness.

Global education focuses on two sustainable development  goals; equal access and quality education. Therefore, it is popular topic, and there have been many attempts to educate the globe. For example, since 1989, the UN adopted a worldwide convention on children's rights that has been signed by 194 countries. The convention has increased the number of children in school by 28 percent since 1990, and the children born today are two times more likely to survive till their fifth birthday than 25 years ago. However there have been complaints about the treat for example, parents gripe that since the chance of their child going school has risen. Its harder for them( the parents) to educate their own children. In middle eastern countries such as Pakistan and Syria, the number of children that aren't receiving or don't have access to an education due to Wars and conflicts has doubled over the past few years. Because of this, their neighboring countries; Jordan, Turkey, Egypt etc. are taking in their children and providing them with resources and an education. Countries such as Britain, France, and the European Union have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to children's rights.

Although all this is being done, it is still not enough. There are still many children in the world who aren't receiving adequate education due to poverty, lack of access, or both.

I believe that countries should not be having wars and conflicts against each other, instead all governments should unify and propel humanity forward as a 'whole'. Governments should 'unite' together, meaning to forget their past (conflicts) and come together for a common purpose (the greater good of humanity). Countries shouldn't be worrying or caring only about their own citizens, they should be viewing all man as 'world citizens' and educate and provide all the children of the world with basic human rights. Each and every person should have equal rights, and every country should be sharing knowledge with each other. If countries do unite and educate the globe, then humanity as we know it would be much more knowledgeable. This way humanity can prosper, grow, and educate as one.

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