Which Is More Valuable: Natural Talent or Hard Work?

April 22, 2018
By Hyunjun BRONZE, Saigon, Other
Hyunjun BRONZE, Saigon, Other
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Talent. This word defines as natural aptitude or skills. For me, talent is one of the main source that make people become lazy and clumsy. This can be my stereotype of talented people, but I support the idea that people who have natural talent have a common point which is they think they can do everything with their talents, as a result, they become conceited and egoistic people. Due to my partial perspective about talented people, I always believe that hard working people can succeed at their lives and better than talented people who believes themselves are the best. Hard work and perseverance will beat out pure talent any day (Inspiria).


To begin with, the reason why I think hard work is much valuable than talent is hard work can apply to anything when you try to accomplish something. In Korea, there is a one proverb about hard work which is “Not all successful people have talents, but they have integrity”. This proverb refers that to become a successful person, it does not requires you to have talent, but the hard working is mandatory. Beatles got to be so good because they had to perform their music four hours a day (eight days a week) during their two year stint in Hamburg (Piers). One of the greatest music band “Beatles” cannot be famous without industrious practice before they debuted and after they became a well-known band.

Furthermore, according to my own experience, when I was a young child, my dream used to be a soccer player due to 2010 South Africa World Cup. I was fascinated by global players who dribble, taking shots or tackles. Since I watched World Cup when the age of 8, I decided to myself to become a soccer player. After the time goes on, I told my mom about my future dream. I expected that my mom would be proud of herself that I already chose my future dream. Yet, my mom’s reaction was totally different that I expected. She went against with my dream because she did not want me to grow up as a sport player for some safety reasons that I might get injured during childhood and that injure might affect my future. However, the biggest reason why she avoided my future was I am not talented at  sport. She explained to me that “Sports are the job that must require players to have talent. You cannot cover their natural talent with hard working”. After that, I realized that some of jobs require you to have talent, especially sports. Since she told me about the relationship between sports and talent, I started to have a partial perspective about talent and talented people.

However, sometimes, talented people show better performance than hard working people even without any diligence but this kind of situation is extraordinary according to author of one Phycology website.
Even if you weren't born with genius in your genes, you can outperform the smartest of individuals as long as you work hard and the latter does. Also, the differences between the smart and the not-so-smart shrink quite a bit if they both work hard. That means that talent still counts, but hard work puts you right up there (Piers).

Hard workers are self-motivated. In other words, they're the type of people who will sweep the floor when it's dirty without waiting for the boss to walk by and say something (Elise).  I believe that self-motivated is core skill that people should have because when you need relaxation to relieve your stress or negative feelings, motivating yourself can be great choice to relieve those things.

To conclude, from my perspective, hard working is much more important than talent due to talented people’s laziness and egoistic, and successful life requires people to be hard workers.

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