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Words Hurt like Knives, but Judgment Could Hurt You Until You Die

April 17, 2018
By M.Nguyen BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh, Other
M.Nguyen BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh, Other
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We live in a society with a mix of different cultures and people, and yet we’re all still the same in some way. We are all human, we all have the same features that a human has, and we all grew up believing in what the society feeds us.

One of the reasons why we judge others is because "in our society with different nationalities and ethnicities, we depend on the ability to interact with people primarily through sight” (Olama). What this author is saying is that we are judging others so we could get to know them a bit more before we interact with them so that we could react appropriately. For example, if you see a person who’s wearing a jacket and has his hood on while being suspicious and shady, we’ll likely avoid the person them for our sake.

Judgments are made for us to see others and to know a little more about who the person is. They are the reason why people care so much about their look. We are scared of the mean comments, the harsh ratings and the judgments that others make on our looks, therefore we try to look like models to avoid the negativity (“Don’t Be so”).

It’s true that you can try to get to know a person through looking at them but judging a person is a totally different thing. We rank, criticize and categorize people all the time whether we know it or not and it’s fine because it’s in a human nature to do so. The only wrong thing about that is you expressing those judgemental thoughts. A judgment doesn’t necessarily have to come in a certain way like talking. It can be through the look you give them, your body language or even the jokes and sarcastic comments you make.

We shouldn’t let our judgments decide who people are or how they should be. Everyone is different from each other and just like the old saying wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same? We all have our perfections and our flaws so don’t humiliate and criticize others for theirs.

Each and every one of us is perfect with our flaws because that’s what makes us who we are.

From my personal experience, I know how horrible judgments are. I used to have a best friend name, Audrey. We use to hang out a lot and gossip about life and we would always play sports with together. In her eyes, I would always be one step behind. Never could on the same step of a staircase together, because that wouldn’t make her look any better, wouldn't it?  If everyone was on the same staircase, then what’s the difference between me and you? At school, it seems that she’s embarrassed of me. She would hang out and talk with her ‘better’ friends and she would ignore me as if I wasn’t there. We would walk down the hall across from each other and wouldn’t notice each other’s existence. I felt like I was a burden to her. Waves of depression flushed over my thoughts, and I would soon be drowning in my own tears. My insecurities increased while my self-esteemed decreased. Even though she never actually told me that we weren’t friends anymore, I could see it in her eyes that she doesn’t want to continue this friendship and her actions made it clear. As we drifted further apart, her real thoughts and opinions of me start to become more clear now.

Judgments don’t come in a certain form. It all started in your head, but the ways you deliver it is when it’ll hurt others.

Those judgments we make, the mean comments and negative thoughts we have about others, actually hurt, more than we think it does. Those things are the reason why people have depression. Sometimes when that pain is too great for the person to handle, they might end their life to stop that suffering.

Until now suicide is still a huge problem around the world, particularly with teenagers. Depression is one of the key things that led to suicide.

Are the judgments we make about other people suppose to make us feel better about ourselves? Are they created to ruin others’ lives? Then why are we making something so pure into a destructive sin? Clearly, judgments weren’t meant to be expressed, because if they are, we would all be living in hell right now. When you express the hatred comments, number one, you’re violating the other person, and number two, you’re technically bullying them with words. You can try to make a list of differences between judging and bullying but all your gonna come up with is a blank sheet of paper, because “judging and bullying...have a lot in common” (Thornton).  Your judgment of people could make you miss out on good things in life. You might meet the love of your life and not even realize it because of judgments that are blinding you.

We shouldn't let our judgments decide who people are to us and affect how others view themselves.

The author's comments:

I was so confused and against how people at my school were rating about each other. They called people snakes but yet they're the one still playing with them in the first place. So I wanted to dig deeper into understanding the cause and effects of these things. I've gained much knowledge through the process and enjoyed it along the way. 

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