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Is Racism Still Alive?

April 6, 2018
By chickfila1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
chickfila1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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How does racism affect people's lives ? Racism hurts people emotionally & mentally. Racism doesn’t just happen in person but, it does happen online to. Being racist online has an impact on racism in todays life.

I remember when my family and my family were at Chick-fil-a. Remind you theres alot of white people there. So my family and i were eating and my little sister started crying because she wanted a milkshake and my parents didnt get it for her and everyone was staring.

African Americans face discrimination. Racism is still alive today. Racism is still alive till this day because of stereotypes. For example, today we have white police officers killing our African american males. “ He has a gun” Police officer says. “ Shoots 10 times” because Police officer THINKS he’s armed with a gun. A stereotype people say about blacks is “ All black people are criminals”.

It affects people lives because they start believing what others think. For example Donald trump said that he’s going to build a wall. Most Mexicans started believing him. He’s still trying to but i don't think he’ll succeed.

Not only colored people face racism. Whites do to, but it matters the most that colored people are being treated this way. For example, in the “ Issues data set it states “ No dogs or mexicans are allowed”. The signs were referring to him.

Racism should stop, it's not okay. By what's going on in today's society with our president i don't think it’ll stop and it's sad. In today's world we have police officers killing black people. Being racist could lead to plenty of things gun violence, killings and much more, Our own president Donald Trump is unorganized and he won’t do anything.

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Why is racism alive ?

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