Color of People

March 31, 2018
By Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Why does racism exist? In the old days racism was very harsh, people died. Racism is more than just words, it can hurt people and cause deaths.

  I experience racism was when I was in my childhood. It was Halloween that day, it was after school and we could wear our costumes to go trick or treat in the school. My costume was a skeleton and I didn’t wear my mask. To get some candy we had to go to a teacher’s classroom and wait out the door. I went to this “white lady” classroom door, I took out my plastic bag, hold it out, waiting for some candies to get passed on me but I didn’t get any. There were a bunch of kids beside me and they were all “white”. I waited two or three minutes for some candies but I didn’t get any. I was right in front of her and I didn’t get anything. The kids got some candies but I didn’t. When she ran out of candies, she just went back to her classroom and shut the door. I was hella mad but I got some candies from the other teachers.

“Aren’t you in a gang?” “ Is it because I’m mexican?”

Even though there are many races in America, racism still exist and it hurts those whose color is different. I’m asian and I’m proud of what I am. Even though sometimes people were racist to me it’s alright because that’ll never go away.

The author's comments:

What inspired me about this piece is that racism is a problem and it needs to end.

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