March 23, 2018
By Anonymous

‘’ I have a dream that my children will not be judge by they color but by their character”  What is racism ? racism mean to me is people who get treated very differently because  of how they look and make them feel like an outcast and treat them like monsters that there not .   


Reminds me of an story my mom told me when she was an little girl about 12 years old  she was riding  in car  with her and her two other cousins riding around Stockton CA. going to sign her cousin up for high school witch is her aunty oldest child  they got lost and ended up in part of stockton knowin to every blacks it's called “okie villie’ because it was a part of stockton that was permanently whites and known to be racist her aunty informed them of it  and had told them to don't be scared but they were . they pulled in a gas station to use a pay phone out of nowhere this white guy and this girl pulled up in a truck and start throwing beer cans  at their car but dents in there car and yelled and told them to “get out of there side of town n*****’’. And began to approach there car she  ducked behind the seat started to cry and she closed her eyes and her  aunty had started  off  in a panic she’ll never forget that day in the “okie ville’’.           

Now that i think about it this takes me back were i was told i was wasn't gonna get nowhere in life .Because of how i'm black and ghetto  and howdressed i was told that by my 6th grade substitute teacher and i started crying and i called my mom  and she came up here quickly to my class after school  and cussed him out yelling and threats like a lot of threats my dad was even finna come up there to fight him . My mom   walk back down to the office and was yelling at the principle telling her  “your  subb that you hired racially stereotyped my daughter and got him fired for stereotyping . For example a boy name stephon cluck got shot 20 times  because he was standing outside tryna get in his grandmas at night and  he had a phone in his hand  and  the officers thought it was a gun and killed him. As i think about it now we get stereotyped a lot still even it seems like we don't no more.

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