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Immigrant Lives Matter

March 23, 2018
By TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
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What do we think of Immigrants? Immigrants are people who cross the border for a better life to put it simply. We’re all immigrants in some ways. We all want to be paid more and sometimes even minimum wages pays more money in Fast-Food places than Migrant Workers get paid. This is how Migrant Workers become Immigrants.


An Immigrant’s life is hard. Maria tried to cross the border heading to North Carolina. She joined a group of 32 people other immigrants. She got caught by the border patrol on her first attempt and tried again with 45 people. She wasn’t prepared for her journey across the border. The cold was too much for her and so she gave up and went to the highway for help.


My Parents came to America to avoid the Vietnam War and so that they hope that they can live a better life and so they can earn more money from Labor Work but my Grandma stayed in Thailand and didn’t cross the border so that she can help my grandpa fight the war along with everyone that helped us get away.


My Mother and Father bought a house in the U.S. and gave birth to 4 daughters and 2 Sons, Including me. My dad stopped working and retired and my older siblings dropped out of college and never finished it, So that they can work early and start earning money.

When my Father was still working, He told me that he didn’t even have a car to drive himself to work and because he knew that himself and mom were immigrants, They didn’t want to tell me because they don’t want me to know because they don’t think that I was ready to handle the truth since I was still a kid and gets into a lot of trouble.


We all come to the US to get a better job, life, and a better income for money and give their children better education so that THEY can have a better job than their parents and so that they can carry on their legacy as a Family of their own ethnicity and so that the Children cannot be deported if they’re born here but their parents are gonna be deported because they weren’t born here.


We’re all born in a life where we call life “Unfair” and we can change that life because there IS an option and we can change it, but there’s always a wall in every long path you choose to walk in. There’s always wall in a path of Freedom, Immigration, and Racism.

We’re all Immigrants because of where we were born and because of color, culture, language and they think that we’re not from here because of where we’re supposed to be and our ethnicities and it involves racism.


Immigrants, Migrants, Racism, Slavery, and Ethnicity. What makes people different of color any different than a human? What makes the color “White” original? Why is it so wrong to go somewhere called a “Free Country” and get kicked out and deported?


Even if we move across the border and made it across without being caught, It’s still hard because you have to start over in life. Starting over in life is harder than continuing than walking in a path of hell. Even if we do get there. We still have to get a new house, find a new job, buy food and get a car. That is why it’s harder to start over in life, but in the long run it is worth the risk and worth the patience.


My Parents came over to the US and had to restart everything in life. They depend on the new generation to work hard and get a good job so that we don’t have to live through hell that they’ve through and so that the NEXT generation can do the same as well. This all goes to all immigrants. Politics, our “President” Donald Trump hates immigrants, but the question is WHY? Immigrants come over to live a new life. He has no empathy for immigrants.

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