A Barbie Is Not Human

March 19, 2018

Many little girls grow up with dolls most commonly "Barbie" dolls, representing the image of a tall, slim, flawless body with slick blonde hair, but does this really imitate a human being or female? Many are influenced on this and many other aspects of society that skinny is "beautiful", not that it isn't but, not being skinny is also beautiful.We are all beautiful.My family taught me to never judge people in the simplicity of a thought nor words, because just the smallest offense can cause the biggest pain. We are not all the same height, weight or color but we are the same species.Whether the statement is we are all perfect individually or no one is perfect, the point is we are ALL EQUAL. We are the people that could change the word beautiful to not just a trait but more as a feeling or thought. We could also delete the word ugly from society or at least not apply it to living organisms. We can change everything but the past.There is no perfect image, we should respect and treat everyone, whether that have blond hair, dreads, curly, straight or no hair at all we are all humans. We are not a piece of plastic with a market label, we are flesh, and under scars, tattoos, beauty marks, outfits, piercings or accents there is a personality. The character traits that us individual human beings is something that a barbie doll doesn't have. These words are formed upon what I hear, read, think and see and just like that a child could get influenced with a contradicting idea of society creating a whole different mentality. These different and dark mentalities should be stopped for they are bringing people down or causing people to feel down.We could change these new generations to be closer to a better place because we are nothing like a Barbie doll. No matter if we release different culture or color base dolls our society has already been contaminated with the idea of perfect and it changes. We(YOU)(I) can change the world to a better one.

The author's comments:

I live in New York and I encounter many different ethnicities and as a human society of uniqueness, not every one is the same size, shape or color, and this isn't only a reminder that you are beautiful but that everyone is beautiful

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