February 23, 2018
By r.e.g BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
r.e.g BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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All over the United States, there are millions of hispanics all over the country. Weather you´re from Central America, South America, the Caribbean, or some place where you are classified as ¨hispanic,¨ americans don't really know this.  Because most hispanic immigrants are Mexican, the majority of people assume everyone is Mexican. But, they´re not.

¨Immigrant¨ or ¨illegal¨ is probably the first thing non hispanics think when they see a latino walk by.  Something people don't know is, not every latino is illegal, a criminal, or rapist.  Also, Mexico isn't the only hispanic country out there.  If you're a latino, not from Mexico, you'll probably agree that mostly everyone asks you ¨are you mexican?¨ or just assume that you are.  It's just like if you see an asian person and just assume they're chinese even though there are a lot more asian countries, China is not the only one! Mexico isn't the only country where hispanics come from.

Another thing is, not all hispanics are tan with black hair.  There are so many skin, hair color, and physical appearance when it comes to hispanics.  You never know when you have a hispanic next to you because they all have different looks.  Hispanics come from all over the world, speaking even a different language rather than just spanish.  This is why I disagree with discrimination towards hispanics and every other race out there. Not only discrimination but judging or assuming someone's race or ethnicity.

As a hispanic myself, I always get asked where i'm from but a lot just love to assume that I’m Mexican and call me an immigrant.  I mean, yes I am but why does that matter? Why do people constantly assume every hispanic is illegal? Honestly, I don’t know but it's annoying when you’re being called a Mexican and immigrant just because you have  hispanic-like features.  It’s not really offensive but just annoying, I prefer being asked where I’m from rather than offensively being called a Mexican or immigrant.  People who like to grade how hispanic you are also are annoying. Features don't being anything.

The bottom line is, all hispanics aren't the same.  Even though we share a lot of similarities, there’s still different things that make us who we are depending on where you’re from.  So, don’t judge or offend anybody by how they look or what language they speak!

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