February 6, 2018
By abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Have you ever been bullied? Or have you ever seen someone get bullied? Did you just watched and walked away? Or did you speak up, to stop that abuse? Because yes, bullying is an abuse. If you think that bullying is just pushing someone or punching someone. I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re wrong. Bullying is any aggression towards someone, either if it is verbally or physically. I think that we have the capacity to stop bullying in schools, work or anywhere. But we just ignore like it is something normal. Bullying is a problem, bullying has made people lose loved ones, and bullying can be stopped.

During my elementary years, I was encouraged to be the bully. I am not ashamed of saying it, because out of that i learned an important lesson. Bullying can end someone’s life. Even though, the little girl who I bullied was scared to go to school and see me at recess, she decided to speak up. I was making her feel horrible and I didn’t know. Teachers pulled me aside and told me what I was doing was wrong and that it was called bullying. That was the first time I ever heard that word. I didn’t know how she felt but i apologized to her. After that we became friends. That was where I experienced being the bully. But I also experienced seeing one of my classmates get bullied and I never said anything, again this happened in elementary. I moved to a different state and didn’t know anything about her. Until one day, she texted me on social media. After that day, I felt like I was the bullied. Just for the fact that I didn’t stand up to stop that abuse. Bullying isn’t something that you should proud of, you should be ashamed of.

Bullying has existed for many years now, but how do we get rid of it? The way we get rid of bullying, is knowing how it starts. Usually bullying starts at home, once the person sees any type of aggression towards a family member, or any regular person they think it is okay to be aggressive, when its not. This aggression can go out of the household and affect the other people’s surroundings. That aggression has become a problem. Bullying has caused people to have problems. Some problems eventually those who get bullied have are that they need to get mental health and some become suicidal, and even some actually die. This is a problem, this shouldn’t be happening.

People don’t think about about their actions. Their actions can affect the rest of the family of the person who gets bullied. The person who get has a lot ot go through. They get traumatized, that at times they dont even want to close their eyes because they see their bully bullying them. They are so traumatized that some even kill themselves. After they die, their loved ones have emptiness in their hearts. And if justice doesn’t take care of it, the family will try to take care of it in their own hands. But what does that do? It just affects them even more, because they can end up going to prison. Sometimes a family doesn’t know what to do when a loved one gets bullied. But we don’t know what the how much the family goes through seeing that their loved one is getting bullied. We need to stop this aggression.

Bullying needs to stop. There are many ways that bullying can be stopped. And one of them is speaking up after you see someone getting bullied. Don’t be like me, who didn’t say anything. Thankfully nothing happened to her. Another way we can prevent bullying is by not encouraging it. Some encourage bullying, because it feels ”fantastic.” don’t encourage bullying, it actually feels horrible. Why make someone else feel like that just because you’re feeling miserable. Try to become the bully’s friend, try to get them to open out to you. Get them to tell you why they bully. It’s a start, that why you can help them to stop by giving them any advice. Bullying doesn’t do you any good or anyone.

Bullying has become a problem worldwide. But bullying has also modernized bullying can be done on social media. This is known as cyberbullying, even if it is online, it is still bullying. Bullying is not acceptable. It shouldn’t be acceptable. People emotions get hurt. It affects their loved ones. It is simply a conflict that can be stopped. But since we see it as an everyday thing, it is normal for us. When it shouldn’t. SPEAK UP AND SAVE A LIFE. Don’t be one more bully, be a savior.

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