Hidden Truth Behind Fast Food Industries

February 1, 2018
By taniaruiz704 BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
taniaruiz704 BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
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If you’ve ever worked in a fast food industry you would understand the fast paced environment that you're in. there are many struggles that come with working in the fast food industry. You have to handle all kinds of people and deal with their complaints. You would never guess how the hard workers are treated. You would think workers get many advantages as they work for long hours, trying to make a living on minimum wage. You would usually think that. The truth is you are promised to not be discriminated on gender, sexual orientation, or race but that is not always the case in Fast food.


Working in a Fast food place can often be very fast paced, and at times very crazy. Workers feel overwhelmed while trying to manage with angry customers and finish their individual orders. Most people don’t realize the struggle that workers go through dealing with the rush of people and orders. Many disrespect workers because they believe they are superior. They believe the fast food industry is at the bottom of the food chain so therefore, you may disrespect them as much as you want. Just because adults work in fast food does not necessarily mean they are not intelligent enough for a better job. Most adults work in fast food because they did not finish school and don't have many other options for higher paying jobs. Some individual workers need the money in order to provide for their family. In fast food, you will find illegals working just because they don't have any other options and they need the money. You would feel sympathy for these people as they work a lot harder than your typical business CEO. rich, successful people look down on fast food workers simply because of supremacy.


I yet have not mentioned the pain that workers go through while managing long shifts. At a typical burger king, you will find the highest manager in position which is the store’s General Manager. Below them is Managers in charge of morning or night shifts. You wouldn’t believe the pain it is to be standing on your feet for several hours. Not to mention many fast food workers have a disability or are always in constant pain. I personally have worked long hours and i find myself to be very tired of standing after awhile. I am not as much of a hard worker as the ones who work the night or morning shifts. I find myself greeting my peers in the morning when i clock in. i also find myself wondering how long they’ve been here for. I think of how their feet must be aching. I feel sorrow for these people. They don’t have a choice to just say they are tired of it and just walk out. They sadly need the little bit of money. I sometimes think to myself, and wish i had a successful business and could hire each one of them. I would pay them for what they truly deserve to get payed. I would give them many benefits and even raises. I smile everytime i think of it. It gives me hope that one day i will provide a better future for these good hearted souls. They deserve it.


When you find yourself in my position, you are tired of the industry winning over us. You are irritated that money becomes the only importance in their mind. You find yourself trying to fight against the industry just because you are asking for human rights. You don’t want to be treated as a robot. Many CEOs don’t realize that we stem from the same root. We all come from our mother’s womb. You are not hand- picked to be the future CEO of a company the second you come into this world. We all have our choices and some have easier lives than others. If we have no other choice but to work at your job, all we ask is if we are treated equally. Don’t forget we are made of the same flesh, money does not make us higher quality than others. I mentioned earlier that many illegals work in the fast food industry right? Did i forget to mention that they are discriminated in many ways because they are thought to be less intelligent? The general manager realizes they can’t even read in english so they assume illegals will never be able to know their individual rights. This is the sad truth of the industry. My opinion on this should not vary from person to person. We all should provide for each other as a whole. The human race relies on this.


During the time i spent writing this essay, i realized that i have never been so disgusted while writing an essay. I empathize for every single worker involved in the fast food industry. I see their future and while it gives me sadness thinking of them, i also get a sense of hope. I think of giving back to them one day in the future just out of kindness. There never has to be a specific reason to do something for someone. You will be rewarded in the future for your kindness and good heart.

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i simply wrote this because no one else did. 

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