Let's Not Be Bystanders

January 8, 2018
By asianniko BRONZE, KCMO, Missouri
asianniko BRONZE, KCMO, Missouri
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You know what pops my pimples? Bullying. OOF it just gets on my nerves. I can’t

believe people do that these days. The immaturity of these “predators”.


A girl, at our school, got bullied. It wasn’t pleasant. After I heard the story, I was so

irritated and wanted to be there and do something. My friend saw a group of kids, every day,

picking and saying horrible things behind her back. It would be something like, “What the f*ck

is she wearing.” Or “Oh my god, she’s ugly as hell.” She overdosed. I’m glad she is still alive. I

was really regretting not being there. What if she died? What if she hurt

someone who caused her pain? She would regret it later and would suffer the consequences.

I realized some people were bystanders and could have done something. I don’t want to be



Bullying. It’s when a person is picked on over and over and over again. It could happen

in physical or mental state. Also, social status plays a big role in the situation. In fact, bullying is

such a big problem that it affects millions of students. How is it a problem you might ask?  It

could make a person stay in a constant state of fear. You might see their grades and health

failing. Studies show  that people who are hurt and abused by their classmates could

have mental health problems:  It could trigger low self-esteem, stress, and depression.

Suicide also might be an option for the victims.


“Pfft bullying. How does bullying even happen? Just walk away and ignore it duh.” As I’ve

overheard people say. You might also think this. It probably means you haven’t had this

,problem or have someone close to you go through this. Please think about the kids who“can’t”, or the kids or even adults who need help fighting bullying.  Also, how could you ignore something that bothers you constantly. What if you’re physically being forced to do something or physically being bullied? No way you could ignore that.


Want to help prevent it? Here’s what WE can do. First, we could stand up to the bullies.

Bullies often think that they are “cool” or want their classmates to think they are. Let’s just say

they want approval. A second thing is to talk to your parents or teachers. Let an adult know if

you or anyone around you is getting bullied. If you don’t want to be the one who “snitched”,

then just ask them to let you be anonymous. Third, take action. Maybe you could start a club or

program for anti-bullying.  Let’s help overcome bullying. I’m not saying we can change

everyone, or make all the bullies disappear. I’m saying we can do something about it.





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