We Are Different, Not Less

January 4, 2018

Bryce's POV

"We should Go meet him and talk to him.

No we shouldn't.

But its been a week since he arrived and he's been silent,

We know that,but if he want company, he would mingle with others.

He seems Lonely, I think I would go meet him,

No one cares if you go, we would leave without you.

Hey,am ........

Hello,am ........

Yes, We are typical Introverts, We are best friends to Silence, We're Melancholic/Phlegmatic, We dwell mostly in ourselves, We find it hard to socialize with people for long (not that we don't at all), Yes, we have Asperger's Syndrome, that does not mean we are not vulnerable, that does not mean we don't need friends. In fact, we need friendship the most,we really do, but our expression might be unusual.

Just as the Heart Involuntarily beats, We unwillingly like Solitude. What we need from others without the Syndrome is for them to Understand us and not Discriminate.

My Cousin was recently telling me that the longest Conversion she ever had with me lasted not more than 10 Minutes because I would always feel uncomfortable after some minutes conversing with her, all I did was smiled and told her that I would try to dialogue longer with her than the previous record, knowing that I could not manage socializing for so long, because it will always seem difficult and stressful.

Most time we spend in our solitary mood is for us to regain our energy because our strength lies in us, fellow mates should not neglect us, because we prefer to be alone than to be around people, we just find it difficult to socialize.

Most times,people, especially students with Asperger's Syndrome are been discriminated, and this is unpleasant, this attitude we cannot help but just embrace Solitude, it doesn't mean we don't want to make friends, just that we need specific ones that we could confide in and will accept us for who we are.

-12% Full-time employment rate for individuals with High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s

-80% Live as a dependent with family members throughout their life.

People with this syndrome are been neglected by the society in general, why should they be neglected, when in 2015 it was estimated that 37.2 million people globally are affected. Close to 40 million people should not be looked down upon by the society. Whereas ,famous people with great impact like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton are speculated to have this same syndrome.

Instead of neglecting that mate of yours because of the antisocial behaviour he/she exhibit sometimes, why not connect with such Asperger's Syndrome fellow via Social network and see the good side of that sociopath that you think he/she is, we need just a trial via Social network where we are not visibly conversing with others, but our fingers does it all, then you would get to know we are fun chatting with at least if the face-to-face interaction does not work..

"You have the ability to make friends with anyone, it all depends on you,if you just WANT to be friends with such person or you really NEED to be."

The Center for Disease Control (2014) estimates prevalence in the United States is estimated at 1 in 68 births. We should work towards making the kids with this syndrome to feel welcome to the society and to know that "They are only Different, not less".

So why the solitude act since you arrived last week?,

Its because I feel Happy when am alone than with people around.

Oh, Now I get it, Bye for tonight,

Bye, see you tomorrow.

Logs Out...

Logs Out..."

He stared at all that he has written in his Journal.

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