Open Letter to Disney

November 27, 2017
By Claire_Catz BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Claire_Catz BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Dear Disney Animators and Designers,

Really Disney, you know what you’re doing. Why are you being so discriminatory?

I am a twelve year old girl who isn’t an hourglass. Who doesn’t have doe eyes. Who doesn’t have flowing long hair. Who isn’t skinny and pretty and cute. I am in shape, and I accept who I am, and I accept what I look like. I don’t sit on my bed crying anymore because I weigh over a hundred pounds. Why can’t you accept people --  and princesses -- not being skinny?

I wonder how your characters walk without muscle. Survive without fat. In some cases, such as the muses in Hercules, you make fun of obesity. The other muses must not have ribs because they have such a small hourglass. 8% of women have an hourglass, yet almost all of your disney princesses have one. You also like to depict villains as insanely underweight or profoundly obese. Why can’t Yzma be young and beautiful. Why can’t Ursula be just as pretty and in shape as Ariel? What are you trying to achieve?

What about the beautiful curvy ladies? What about the large yet strong women? What about the unique deformed? Why not? Because it wouldn’t look good?

I wonder how a girl’s expectations for her own body would change if Disney changed the standards for their princesses? How would girls think of their body if Elsa was curvy, or Rapunzel had a large bust?

They would accept themselves much, much more, knowing that their idols are just as beautiful and unique and magical as they are.

I have to speculate this won’t matter to you.

Well, Disney, it matters so much more to so many people.

No one can overcome anything greater than accepting one’s self.

If you see what people with “inferior” body types go through you will feel different. You will feel changed.

A person you’ll never get to know,

Claire (no last name given)

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on Nov. 28 2017 at 4:09 pm
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I agree with you. Disney purposely does this for money because who's going to watch a movie about an unattractive princess when princesses have this image of being slim and pretty.

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