Words of War

November 12, 2017
By Dezz-tiny BRONZE, Marshall, Missouri
Dezz-tiny BRONZE, Marshall, Missouri
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So a lot of people may think...I know what you're gonna say

"Yeah I've heard it all before"
But I don't think so.how do you feel about segregation.you hate it right?I know I did when it was actually legalized and when it wasn't.I also know..it technically isn't over yet.

I know,you probably think this is a history lesson...yay
Nope,not exactly

Segregation is just another form of tearing down another person,another part of the human race.Catorgorizing each person to fit how you see them is just separating them.I bet you didn't know that a lot of communities hide away because they're scared.Scared of the judgment, the cruelty of one person or two or even a whole crowd.
What's the definition of perfect?can you tell me?Is it to be the most flawless person on earth?

If you said yes,you need to take another look in the mirror.

Perfect actually has no specific definition.It is,what you want it to be.It is you,its each person reading this.Its the freckles on your face that you hate and your snort laugh that you're embarassed by.My definition of perfect...Is you.

Now most of you will be thinking,"me?you're a lunatic"
First of all,I am indeed insane
Second of all yes you.
And I don't mean when you put on that dress and that eyeliner.I mean when you first wake up,naturally you.Naturally short,naturally tall,naturally beautiful in your own way

So I want you to do something for me...
I want you to give someone a compliment,put it on a sticky note,write it on their shirt,their locker,show them they are perfect.
We need to stop this crazy idea of being perfect like its definition is flawless.
It just seperates us...
Which brings me back to my main topic and all I have to say now is,don't run away and don't hide who you are because someone else doesn't like it.

Don't listen to the people who say you're ugly and you need to change.You don't need to change,not at all.What needs to change,is the way we treat ourselves and others.

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