The LGBT Community Deserve Rights

October 17, 2017
By SethPet BRONZE, Houston, Texas
SethPet BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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 The LGBT community have been discriminated for being dissimilar for years now, it is unfair because they are human too, they deserve rights, there are many situations that can change this from happening. The LGBT have had and still have many obstacles that they face. LGBT is a community that includes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.The LGBT have become known for for the controversy and discussion that it has such as LGBT rights. Many people would disagree with the rules that the government in the United States have done to ignore this situation.


Some people in the United States are prejudice towards many of the members in the LGBT community because they are considered different. “...almost 20 percent of transgender people surveyed that they have been refused a home or apartment based on their gender identification…” according to a report issued by the movement advanced project (MAP),the NCTE and GLAAD, many transgender have been discriminated due to the fact that their looks are different from their gender. “Having identification that shows a transgender person’s assigned birth sex when they present as another gender can complicate many day-to-day activities” this is one of many problems, gender identification is very important in our society and it’s very complicated to change it so easily.

Many LGBT are stuck in the situation where they don’t get treated don’t get treated equally. “Human rights are basic rights and privileges that people are entitled to regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, culture, ethnic background, or physical attributes” this is according to an article called “Human Rights opposing viewpoints online collection this quote proves that they are now different from being human and deserving rights. The LGBT community is considered different because of their sexual preference of liking someone or how they feel about a their own gender. LGBT struggle with finding their gender preference since most people would disagree with a male liking a male or a female liking a female. LGBT people are no different from regular people they just happen to like the same gender as their own gender.

Most people have made many protest over the years about LGBT. In a few states same sex marriage has been legalized, this was the effect of press, and protest from many people who supported the act. To help the LGBT and get the government to change the laws, people can do peaceful protest. Peaceful protest are a nice way to protest and no one gets hurt. A protest that many people can contribute in is the pride parade this was a parade that many people participated in and it was all around the U.S.

The LGBT community have experienced much discrimination which they do not deserve because they are not so different people they just like the opposite gender which is why people can do things to change the situation. I can inspire to help the LGBT community and you should too.

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Bookerland said...
on Nov. 14 2017 at 4:14 pm
Bookerland, Alexandria, Louisiana
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LGBT+ is being shoved down everyones throats far to much. Did you know that less than ten percent of Americans are actually LGBT? and that most go back to being straight? Being LGBT is a mental disorder.

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