Depression in the Teen Mind

October 12, 2017
By JDareyoufree SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
JDareyoufree SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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The average teenager can be understandably moody. What if these episodes are more than what’s on the surface? The National Institutes of Mental Health “estimates that 8 percent of adolescents and 2 percent of children...have symptoms of depression. While nearly 3 million adolescents suffer from depression, fewer than one in five get treatment.” People should be more accepting that not all illnesses are physical and it takes a lot to even try and get help.

Some might challenge my view by insisting that hormones in teens can be the cause of depression. “The mood swings teens experience are caused by fluctuations in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone” (Newport Academy). Can they tell what happens in someone’s head? Teens are discouraged to say they’re struggling with emotions in fear of being shut down. Depression affects individuals differently depending on severity of symptoms. These can range from lack of enthusiasm, to suicidal thoughts or actions.

Depression in teens can be disguised as moodiness, but it’s their parent’s job to know when their child is acting odd or when they're trying to reach out about the things hurting them. Don't pass it off as teen angst, give them the opportunity to get help.

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