Being Bullied for Your Sexuality

October 5, 2017
By Brominer2 BRONZE, Boody, Illinois
Brominer2 BRONZE, Boody, Illinois
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Have you ever been bullied? What has it been about, your age, size, or hobbies even? Well there are people bullied for everything, one of the worst being sexuality. I have experienced a lot of bullying and I know how it feels, but some of the worst jabs are at my sexuallity. I am a bi-sexual and I have been coming out slowly for a couple months. The reason it has been so slow is because I am scared what will happen when everybody knows.The few people who do know have given me low expectation for the others who do not know yet.

I know the feeling of not telling people something in fear of being bullied. I am in love with a girl and barely anyone knows but the ones who do are supportive but think I am crazy for trying for so long for her. This feeling I get when someone does insults me is the worst because I love her and I can not control that, just like I cannot control who I am attracted to. I know lots of people who would never let people who they like in fear of being emotionally destroyed by their colleagues, but they never get to let the weight of that secret go away.

When you think of a gay person what do you think of? A guy with feminine qualities. Well most gays are just normal men and the same goes for lesbians.That goes for bi and pan sexuals as well. We are just like everyone else except for who we are attracted to. I have been ridiculed for liking men and women, even though there is not a reason for it.

In conclusion, I think people should be able to be upright with their sexuality without being ridiculed. I know the pain and the fear of telling everyone from experience. When I do tell everyone it will be with the thought of how this will affect how they treat me and think of me.

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