So Next Time

October 2, 2017
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In every person there is a little bit of a writer. Someone that wishes to express their inner self in words, but aren’t able to put it down on paper in the way others put things. As someone who writes quite a bit there are some days that I don’t know how to express how I truly feel on paper. Artists can put their emotions on canvas and it creates something beautiful. Musicians are able to play their feelings out by playing notes that make a song that expresses who they are. But writers have a hard time put their ideas on paper, no one word big enough to express their feelings, not a long enough sentence that truly expresses how we feel. The words swirl on the page before us as we try to make sense of the mess inside of our heads. The musicians and artists taunt us with their talents of expression as we sit at our desks trying to make words fit how we feel. So when we finally put what we feel on paper it has taken us time, thought and emotion to do so. We put our work out there just like musicians and artists do, but when people criticize our work it hurts - worse than anything you could say about our attire, our financial circumstances, our eating habits, our every waking breath, because we put our heart and soul into writing that poem, that story, that one word. These are our emotions on the line and standing next to those emotions is our dreams. So tear us down, criticize our every word, say that our work is worthless, but really you are just tearing us down and jeopardizing our dreams, ideas and futures. So next time you criticize my work, the next time you tell me that you didn’t like that article, the next time that you talk down about my work you are really talking down on my emotions, on my feelings. So next time, don’t let there be a next time.

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