The Last Bite of Your Plate!

August 20, 2017
By Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
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A crowded temple, chaos everywhere, I was somewhere in between hundreds of people.
As it is known, a temple has no category, open for all, either rich or poor, a third group of people was also present there, the one we cannot call even poor.
Meanwhile everyone was begging to god, they were begging to all of us.
When one was wishing to get rich and the other for well being of his family, a child asked me for a bite of food, for a single bite of food which I and all of us waste almost daily.

This wasn't enough and I came across one more astonishing moment. A single popcorn was lying on the road and as soon as I could get what it was, a little kid came and picked it up and the two brothers started fighting for that one popcorn.

Since childhood, we all have learnt about the importance of food and the poverty some people suffer from in many books, tv shows and from our parents of course.

How many of you actually used this so called knowledge in reality?
How many of you really respect the food you get to eat, the home you get to live in, the clothes you get to wear and the school you get to study?
How many of you think about that third group of our society which is far away from technology?
Forget technology, they long for the basic requirements of survival, they long to live like humans.

Sarva siksha abhiyan,beti padhao beti badhao campaign,jan dhan yojna, and hundreds of such campaigns are running in our country. Still, that third group of people is crying for just one bite of food.
That one bite, we use to throw away, that one bite, we don't even care to eat, just that one bite. Can't we give even that one bite to them?

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