Japan Welcomes Immigrants

August 15, 2017
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I am going to write about “does Japan welcome immigrants?”.

In my opinion, I think Japan welcomes foreign immigrants, because there are many places and things foreign immigrants can use in Japan.

Actually, there are a lot of projects to accept foreign immigrants and workers, such as the multicultural project. This project is for changing the city for foreign immigrants, for example Japan built many new buildings, there are many signs that are written by many languages, and there are some hospitals and police office for foreign immigrants. So, it will be more comfortable country.  And, the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is positive to accept foreign immigrants, so some projects are carried out  by him. Also, the number of foreign immigrants is increasing now. At end of 2015, the number of foreign immigrants were more than 2.23 millions. In 2008 the number of foreign workers was 486,000, and in 2015, it was 908,000. These datas show how many foreign immigrants are now in Japan and how many people have increased. But percentage of the number of foreign immigrants is only 1.75%. This percentage is very few, and some people are not supportive of accept foreign workers and immigrants. It is because Japan is democratic state so some people do not hope to accept foreign immigrants. Also some foreign workers were forced to quit the company when the company’s management became strict, and some foreign children were being bullied in the school in the past for being a foreigner.

However, these problems is improving now. As I wrote, there are many new projects to accept foreign immigrants and workers, and almost all Japanese people here become positive thoughts about immigrants, because globalization is progressing. When I walk in Japan, I often see foreigner workers and immigrants, and there are many western style apartments. Also now, there are many foreign children in many schools, of course, there are also many black people, white people, and Asian people.

In conclusion, for these reasons I think that Japan welcomes immigrants. To welcome foreign immigrants is good Japan. Because it is good chance to know foreign cultures and to learn foreign languages. Japan is globalizing, and Japanese towns are changing for Olympic 2020 in Tokyo. For example, Japan built new buildings. Thus Japan will be good country for foreign immigrants to live in. Also I hope that the number of foreign immigrants will increase in the future.

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