Rid of Racism

June 15, 2017
By juliette_183 BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
juliette_183 BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
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Racism affects our jobs, our classes, our homes daily. Racism is believing that one race or religion is greater than another.  There are so many ways that we can prevent and eliminate racism. We just haven't taken the time to think about it. There are some  crucial ways that we can stop racism.

One way that we can stop racism is to teach students about it and then talk about what they have learned. How can a student debate their opinions if they barely know what their debating about?  That's why we need to teach kids about the harsh reality of racism in our everyday life. Many students probably know what racism is and how they feel but they have never shared their feelings. That's why group talks are the best. It lets you share all the emotions you have holding in. The more we talk about it the more we can make it go away.  We have to start being comfortable in uncomfortable conversations.

  Another way we can stop racism is first we have to accept everyone for who they are and what they believe. There are so many different religions and races we just need to accept people for who they are. Each race and religion has its own unique qualities, instead of discriminating these unique qualities we should be encouraging them. Many people have insecurities about their race and religion but what gave these people these insecurities? We gave them those insecurities we started this and we have to end it. For example muslim women have insecurities about their hijabs. Why? These hijabs give woman self confidence and make them feel beautiful. Except how can the woman feel these things if we're making fun of them all the time. This is why we need to accept everyone for who they are.

Another way that we can eliminate racism is to say something if you see someone using racism in a negative way. Racism exists everywhere. We can experience it and yet we still don't say anything. People think a way to face their troubles is to run the opposite way, but the only way to stop it is to speak up. If you feel or see anyone being affected or bullied because of their race or religion speak up tell someone! People are always open to listen.

  Last, learn about the racism affecting your community, school, and friends.Focus yourself into the harsh society around you. See what's affecting people Find the key word that sets them off and makes them feel sad about they were raised . Join movements, actually create movements to stop racism. Create a group of people who are realizing the same things as you. These are several ways to eliminate and prevent racism.

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This piece could be the end of racism. 

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