Judging a Book and Categorizing Its Cover

March 28, 2017
By Ronyea Hodges BRONZE, Pontiac, Michigan
Ronyea Hodges BRONZE, Pontiac, Michigan
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Knowing that people are still being judged or categorized for personal attributes is dishonarable. It's being ridiculed and pestered for indivisual characteristics is how you can describe discrimination. Resulting in things from ignorant ranting to disgusting death threats. Its a worldwide action and effects various amounts of people. To top it all off, discrimination is still an on-going situation. It definately won't go away if we don't take action now.

Also known as form of racism and bullying, discrimination and its continuing effects are not good. In, wich you can be scorned upon for race, sexuality, personal traits, and religion. Thats a lead onto what people target in the case of discrimination. An example of this is how after African American suspects are arrested, the likelihood of them being confined than Caucasians is 33%. This is a prime example of how it's effecting our Nation. Its lead most people to thinking that African Americans cause most of our violence. The color of your skin should not determine things about your life.

Religious discrimination is not only in the United States. Meaning its a global situation. It almost seems that other countries are being effected slightly more. For example, from 2009 to 2010, close to 50% of neighboring countries noticed an increase in religious discrimination. Those countries aren't protected from freedom of speach and religion. It means its more crucial for people to speak out towards discrimination. Giving a good reason for why this matter should be spread worldwide.

What we need to do to stop this is to follow through on the acts and organizations that help speak up for people. People who have judgement towards thier personal well-being. The law thats in place for tis situation needs to be reinforced for modern day society. The VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 secures people from discrimination of race, religiom, and sexuality. Though, we still can do more, as the young people of society are still evolving, we can still influence other generations, whether that be new or old. We can teach others and spread the truth of knowing that we are all the same, yet speacial in our own way. Think about whats whole hearted versus plainly judging another.

All in all, everyone is created equal. Equality should be spread more than critical assessment. I push and stress this topic so much because it effects me and I have personal connections to it. When I was younger I would be called out on the pitch of my voice, height, and me being slightly weaker. This is more in correlation to bullying, but sometimes it would evolve into classifying me in what I did in extracurriculm activities, and it did made me feel down. Wich is why I want eqaulity to be given to kids and teens. This is why I think discrimination is unexceptable, and that it should be delt with accordingly.

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