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March 27, 2017
By , Sacramento, CA

Dear Citizens of America,

I am here to talk about the plans in regards to building the wall. But first let us remember 9/11. We all know the dread of this event, all the heroes who died saving others and the tragic young deaths who had their future ahead of them. It is a day that we all know too well. It is a day that we should never experience again. After that day the United States took the precautions necessary to protect our people by updating our security in airports. We can not be too careful when it comes to our own safety. For too long have we waited until it was too late to protect our citizens. It has finally come to make a change.

As the new President, Trump craves putting a wall on the border of Mexico and United States.  Now let me tell you why this is a doltish idea. Building a wall would be so costly. Obviously, Mexico does not have the capability of paying for it (they can barely feed themselves)… unlike us. Who have everything in check and can totally spare money for this project. But why would we waste our money on it? The border between Mexico and the United States is already well defended (Reich). This wall would make the United States seem closed minded, showing how discriminatory we are -we can not have that- we need to show the world how open we are to other races.

Building the wall on the border of Mexico will not stop people from crossing the border to our glorious country. Look at the Great Wall of China with this grand wall, their workers spent their whole lives building to protect their country. Countless died “heroically” to build their wall. However there was only one flaw, it did not work (Westcott).

The beauty of people is determination, as a result a little wall is not going to stop the immigrants from reaching their goal. As someone once said “Our very strength invites challenge.
Challenge incites conflict. And conflict... breeds catastrophe” (Captain). This wall will be seen as a challenge and then more problems will rise after that.

We can not, I repeat can not be too hasty when it comes to shutting people out. The occupations that most Hispanic or Latino based on the survey by The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 43.3% Hispanic work for the agricultural industry. While another 32.3% construction and another 36.7% in cleaning maintenance, important jobs which need to be done for the rest of United States to function (Hispanics and Latinos).  Lets think about it these people build your homes, pick your food, clean your house. We can not block out certain people because we need to acknowledge that we need them, we need diversity, we need people to do jobs that native-born Americans so graciously let immigrants take.

However we do need to keep in mind what Trump said in his Presidential Bid Speech “ When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best...They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”(Trump). Many who are coming are not the ones who could contribute to the work force in a positive way- unlike American citizens who are so perfectly polished and poised in manner and effort, only working for the benefit of this country.

So I have concluded to reach a perfect solution which would allow immigrants to come but also protect its citizens by implanting microchips in every immigrant. It is perfectly harmless and it is a process that is familiar to us with our pets.

Using these microchips would prevent immigrants from doing any harm to any citizens because the government would be able to identify them and know where they are (Microchip).  Like our pets it would become easier to watch and control them and it would also be easier for police to find the hoodlums who come only to bring disease and destruction. The statistics given by the FBI from 2013 show there were 532 arrests on Latino or Hispanic, 2,509 white (Crime). While the numbers may be different it is still a high amount of Latino/Hispanic that should be stopped. It is vital that every immigrant is watched and made sure that are doing the jobs they are suppose to be doing.

This proposal may be seen Orwellian, but it is not worse to forbid them from coming. Shutting them out, robbing them of the opportunity to improve their live here for their families, they have lives too, they have their own people they need to protect. I believe this proposal is an adequate solution for both sides.

The wall is just a way that makes the United States look like an isolated country, but we are not. We are a country open to all: every race, ethnicity, religion. We are a country that prevails through the hard work by so many. So instead of using the money to build wall the money should go towards making microchips, not only will this be a cheaper alternative, but this way even when they are in the United States they are not abusing this new given freedom. This proposal would keep immigrants in check while still granting them the freedoms of living normal live like every citizen, so we do not have to live in fear any longer, citizens are safe. And that is all that matters to us.



The Perfect Plan




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