My Pay? Your Pay. Why?

March 9, 2017

Why doesn't the pay of a women equal the pay of a man? Why would I only make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes? Why am I losing 20 percent of my rightful pay? My experience is the same. My education is the same. My abilities are the same. So why would I earn less? This isn't right. Men and women deserve to earn equal amounts. Even in the same profession, women earn less. This doesn't work. Janitors earn more than maids, even though they basically have the same job. What is the difference? Maids tend to be female, while janitors are associated with males. This needs to be changed. Every women in the world is at risk to be cheated out of their rightful earnings, any working woman earns less the man with the same credentials. It's our job to fix this, and I have a way. Sharing our salaries. Talking about money is currently a taboo, but we can change that. Sharing salaries would allow women to ask the boss, "I have worked here as long as this man. I have done more in that time than him. Why does he earn more than me?" And the boss can't respond. This can all be fixed if we stop saying money is bad to talk about. I can start this, but people reading this need to be the ones to finish it. My name is Meghan. I earn $3.50 per week for chores, sometimes $30 dog sitting, and occasionally get $25-$40 from babysitting. I am investing $2500 in a replica S&P 500 and have earned about $300 from that since 6th or 7th grade. That is my complete financial situation. Your turn, share how much you make, and help end this major, worldwide issue.


Equality isn't optional, it is a requirement.

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eshaansoman said...
Mar. 15 at 8:15 pm
the last line is so powerful! I don't have a job or make any money myself but I can definitely relate to the message.
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