Society's Hate

March 5, 2017
By , Fenton, MO

Now, this is just my opinion but I believe that it needs to be heard. Over the last maybe twenty years or so, our society has changed so much. We are so much more open to new things and different people. But there are a few people who are still stuck in the past. People who think all Muslims are terrorists or that all homosexuals will burn in hell or maybe that all african-americans are troublemakers. There’s still so much hate in a society that’s trying to move forward and it’s pushing us back. It’s making it harder for us to move forward. We need to realize that we are all different and we need to realize that we are also all the same. We all bleed the same color. We all feel the same things may it be love, sympathy, empathy, sadness and yes, hate. But some of us don’t realize this. They want to think that some people are just too different to be the same. Those are the people that are separating us, keeping us from moving forward and improving ourselves and our society, and until they accept that we are different but also the same, we need to stay together. Muslims need to have the backs of homosexuals, homosexuals need to have the backs of african-americans, african-americans need to have the backs of hispanics and the line goes on. We need to look out for each other because it’s better to stand together than fight alone.

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