Racism Hurts

March 3, 2017
By jujubean881 SILVER, Sacremento, California
jujubean881 SILVER, Sacremento, California
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In my opinion, I think racism is when people make fun of your race because they might be insecure of their own race. they sometimes do it just to make fun of you, but if you make fun of other people it just means that you have no life. You have to make fun of others. 

You start talking about someone's culture. Then you basically start talking about someone's family. That is taking it to a whole new level of disrespect like if a white man calls an african american man the n-word. That would be one of the worst people on the planet cause you could get some much hate.

You might as well kill yourself because if you sink to that leve,l there's almost no chance of trying to get yourself out of the guilt. At the end of the day, it's very rude to be racist to someone. We all should be equal skin color.

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