People of Race and Color

March 3, 2017

Wouldn’t you be mad if someone says you can’t enter or go in because of your race? Racism is when someone would not let you go in because your skin color or they treat you differently because your skin.

People believe in stereotypes without seeing it. When they see people and heard of their race eating or killing stuff they will act differently from how they treat other people. They are going to whisper to their friends and talk about what they do, kill, and eat. Then the person that is being talked about is going to feel uncomfortable and want to kill or run away.

I think Racism is bad and mean. All people should have the same rights and be treated the same.  What I think about racism is that it should’ve never  been in this world and it should’ve never been made. I know some people that are racist and will always be racist their whole life. I say that no matter what race you are you should have the same right and don’t judge the people that you heard rumours from bad or weird.

People had said to me “Ching chong” because they think I'm chinese or they’re trying to be racist and make their friends laugh and be cool. Some people think that their tuff and think they can say anything to anyone because if they try to do anything they will beat them up.

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