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February 21, 2017
By kyzier BRONZE, Burlington, Kentucky
kyzier BRONZE, Burlington, Kentucky
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Kylie- News Producer
Savannah- Indian


Kylie- Good morning America. Today we are here to discuss the issue towards Native Americans being treated harshly. To start off we have brought in a very special guest, Samantha Margaret!
Savannah- Thank you Kylie, splendid  to be here.
Kylie- I would like to start off and ask in what time period did all this start to happen where there were conflicts with native americans and the government, the government forcing you off your land?
Savannah- Well after the war of 1812. The federal government ordered Andrew Jackson, then acting as indian treaty commissioner, to make treaties with us. Through these treaties forced on our  tribes the government has gained large tracts of our land.
kylie -  Why exactly were you forced off your land?
Savannah- We were just conquered subjects that lived within the borders of the united states, We ultimately had one of two choices we could adopt to white culture and become citizens of the united states. Or we could move into the Western territories. We didn’t really have a fair choice in the situation we were put in.
Kylie- I strongly disagree with the situation that you were put in, I thought  the government was supposed to provide and help, not conquer and steal land that doesn’t belong to them in the first place.
Savannah-  Well it looks like we thought wrong!!
Kylie- Perhaps so, what happened after this problem?
Savannah-  Andrew Jackson asked congress to pass a law that would require us to either move West or submit to state laws.
Kylie-  What did the Native Americans do after Jackson made a proposal?
Savannah- Well many Native Americans objected to Jackson’s proposal.
Kylie- After these hardships what then happened as a result?
Savannah- Whites started to invade our homeland, we saw no other `choice but to sign treaties exchanging our land for land in the West.
Kylie-  where were you located in the West?
Savannah- We were moved to an area that is now Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Nebraska, this area came to be called the Indian Territory.
Kylie- According to About's Economics website, aren’t the Native Americans back in the same place of poverty and not a really developed community, living on reservations?
Savannah- To answer your question yes, we need a solution or answer as to how we can get out of this. And our only ask is for the government to contribute a large portion of money over to our reservations.
Kylie: Okay, so if the government were to lend you money, what would you use the money towards?
Sav: Well my tribe of the Cherokee and other tribes have all discussed this possible senerio and we would contribute new and polished schools benefitting our education, a more suitable community, one without drugs, and the money would also allow us to build upon more buildings which would create more jobs.
Kylie: I see where you're coming from, however everything you are explaining I don’t see why wouldn’t you just move into a city somewhere and have all the same things as you want?
Savannah:”As someone who lives on a reservation, I will tell you that we choose to live here because it is home. We are surrounded by family and our culture. If we moved to a city, our daily exposure to other Natives and our culture would be gone. It's hard enough to maintain traditional ways, language and culture in today's world without segregating ourselves from it to fit into white society "melting pot." 
Kylie: Yes, I understand that is deep, and very understandable. I just have one more question for any audience who want to know also, but if if we gave money back to every person we hurt the United States would be in extreme debt. Should we give money back to the african americans for slaving them?
Savannah- There are no living persons in the US who has been enslaved, and there are no living persons in the US that has enslaved another.
In this particular context, there is no fairness in reparations.
It is just taking money from someone who has never owned a slave and giving it to someone who has never been enslaved.
What is the point? Other than the redistribution of wealth. And their are still Native Americans living in poverty in the US and who have suffered all these years due to the migration to territory which was forced on us.
Kylie- With better opportunities do you think that Native Americans will have an easier time adapting to some new culture? Because with opportunities like new schools, new jobs. This is a positive change.
Savannah- I do think that it will be a lot easier for our group to adapt to some new culture, making it easier to have more opportunities.
Kylie-  What do you think will happen in the future since you’ve found a solution?
Savannah- Native Americans will get a chance to live a normal life, be a citizen of the United states. Native American children will get a chance to get a public education, grow up in a civilized community. 
With the government making investments in Native Americans we have a chance to experience what we never had because of conflicts.
Kylie Thank you for coming in a talking, I now have a better perspective on the issue of Native Americans and was kind of able to put my shoes in theirs.
Savannah- I’m glad that you were able to see the awareness of this issue now community’s need to be aware.
Kylie: Here that folks? Contact your local congressmen today and spread the word! In order to help the Native Americans, the government should provide money. Thank you.

The author's comments:

Well we came across this issue and has a productive student. I wanted to bring awarness to this isssue so that we could do something about it.

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