Feminity in Women

February 13, 2017
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In our society there is a current stereotype put on woman. Women are held to stereotypes based on personality, domestic behavior, occupations, and physical appearance. In society a typical feminine woman is described as soft spoken, slender, good with kids, cooks and cleans. Women began to campaign for equal treatment from as early as the 1920s. Women argued that they should be treated as equal members of society because they are people just as much as men are. After gaining voting rights, joining the workforce, military participation women continue to fight for equal rights treatment. The feminist community has flourished as a population today. The younger generations in particular, began to pursue their fight for true equality to establish a more fair society. As icons such as Rosie the Riveter rose to popularity, feminism became more apparent. Yet, women persist to combat the standard they are given in order to break down the stereotype of a “classic” women. Since women are held to a strict stereotype of femininity in today’s society, I propose to require all women to take a test and if they are deemed unfeminine, by the standard of the government, they must undergo a mandatory sex change.
In our current society there is no need to for idea such as feminism because there is a current place for a woman. A woman’s place should be in the home. Women are natural nurturing and homely figures that do well with tending to children and preparing meals. Men have the place of the bread winner. Men are the primary providing figures for all of the families economic needs. Traditional system like this are not stereotypes, they establish order and efficiency. Feminism is outdated and useless in our current society because is a clear system of placement for both genders. It is when women adapted these manly quality the world has began to suffer.
A woman should follow simple generalizations to be considered feminine. All woman will take a mandatory essay test that addresses similar to the ideas of femininity at the age of eighteen. She must include evidence, witnesses and examples of their femininity. If a woman proves to have more manly qualities they will undergo a mandatory sex change. A feminine woman has many characteristics. She must wear pink. A woman must not have radical thoughts or actions. She must adore children and desire to raise them one day (6 Stereotypes Women are Tired of Hearing). A woman must enjoy clean activities such as ballet and piano. A woman must love fashion and celebrity gossip news. She cannot desire to play sports or video games. Woman cannot strive for independence or economic gain from their male partner. She must be submissive (List of Gender Stereotypes).  Demanding that people share these traits is not generalizing a gender. It is saving each gender. Without woman sharing these feminine qualities is she even considered a woman (Why is a Stereotype is a Good Thing?)?

Opposing groups might argue that women should not be subject to this kind of generalization. Women can be whatever they want in this society and still be considered a women despite their activities or passions. A women does not have to censor her thoughts at the hands of society or the opposite sex. In 2017 we have seen some of the role of women and men blend and others might say that is for the best. However, I have to graciously disagree. Ideas such as blending the gender roles are unnatural (The Problem with “Gender Roles”). Women naturally gravitate towards cooking and cleaning. It is unnatural to expect anything less.  If we continue on the path of acceptance of the masculine traits in women, women will become unrecognizable to the human brain. The brain will not recognize a typical women because each women will have different personality traits and desires. Without strict femininity the brains will not “be able to perceive, process, store and then recall that information when needed because there is no common factor in each gender” (Why is a Stereotype is a Good Thing?). The world is not this awful, judgmental place because it has gender structure.

Making prejudices and stereotypes is healthy (Why Prejudice and Stereotyping is Good). It is science. The ability to observe, recognize facts and presume an outcome is continually done subconsciously. When creating a hypothesis there is natural prejudices that can be proven or disproven. Without sciences we would not have developped as a society. Social scientist use this method constantly yet it is ignored as a helpful tool in society. Society has deemed this method “insensitive” or “prejudiced” (Why Prejudice and Stereotyping is Good). Scientific truths such as gender roles are valuable. Recognizing patterns and truths are signs of intelligences. With intellectual ideas supporting your prejudiced it is perfectly acceptance to make them.

Gender roles help to solidify a woman’s femininity. It is a clear distinction of a gender. A mandatory essay is the only way to help save the gender roles. Women are feminine. Men are masculine. Society has lost sight of that aspect. We can only help to gain it back through clear prejudices (proven science). My proposal is clear and concise. If a woman chooses to act like a man they should join that gender.


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