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February 10, 2017
By , Dutch Harbor, AK

A November 10, 2016 article on NPR said that LGBT people are worrying about Trump removing the protection for them because Trump said that he wants to rescind all of Obama’s executive orders, which includes the protection of gay and lesbian’s rights. This isn’t right because Donald Trump shouldn’t be bias towards people like them because he is president who is supposed to protect all people. He said that he wants to protect “our” religious liberty, but he doesn’t say anything about protecting all people’s liberty. Everyone should have the right to protect their religious rights but that doesn’t mean judging others values. In one of his election speeches he said that he wants to do anything in his power to protect the LGBT community, but saying that he wants to rescind Obama’s executive orders is completely contradictory. Instead of angry protests for LGBT rights, however we as a people, LGBT or not, could show the new president that we are strong enough to protect our own rights like what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did to stop discrimination against blacks. We could help Trump realize how much it means to us and how much it should mean to him.

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