Dress Code Against Girls

October 6, 2016
By Anonymous

The school dress code is discriminating to girls. Girls are getting dresscoded and bullied for stuff they wear. Girls should not have to go out of school to change their clothes because boys are getting “distracted”. Boys should be able to see a girl's shoulders or see her legs and get distracted. The boys are getting special treatment while girls are getting pulled out of class for leggings,  t-shirts, skirts, dress, and tank tops. Boys get to stay in school and wear muscle t-shirts and sag their pants and don’t get pulled out to change so why should girls?

Students are getting harassed and judged on what they wear. “On September 21, Reese Franyo, a 6th-grader at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, wore a denim skirt, a school T-shirt and ankle boots to school. While walking to class, a teacher told Franyo she looked like she should be “clubbing” because of the skirt and sent her to the principal’s office.” (Taylor Pittman) Reese got pulled out of class and her mom had to leave work to drive up to the school and get her daughter the school wasted her mom's time to come get her which caused her family to lose money and Reese to lose learning time in class.

In Myrtle Beach a student got pulled out of class for wearing leggings. ““It’s undisguised sexism,” said Cloey O’Connell” (Josh Roberson). She got pulled out of class because her outfit was “to distracting” while the boys walked around campus in muscle shirts. . The administration walked through classes during the time they were supposed to be learning and took out all the girls wear leggings and made them change or go home. She started putting up posters talking about how the administration wa singling out females on what they wear. They started taking down her posters during passing time so everyone could see and she decided to take a different approach and started using herself as the poster. When she used herself as a poster to get her word out they had the resource officer come into the lunchroom and escort her out. 

The dress code is sexist to females and should change the way they treat girls over it. 

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