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October 2, 2016
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I do not write this to offend another. I am only stating my opinion about this world and society. The world that our majesty has given us.

How can you describe fast? Ugly? Fat? How do you know what athletic is? The level? The society  made standards and expectations that we beings have to reach in order to maintain a reputation. If we don't reach these expectations, we get discriminated, scolded, and not loved. The thing is, who gave you the right to destroy someone else? The mere words that come out of your pitiful mouth can shatter a one of a kind person. You slander someone, someone who could have made a difference. Our society is built upon a hierarchy of races and intelligence. Each person has different limits and gifts provided by our heavenly God. So why should we judge the differences that other humans have?

Human. A word filled with disgust and love. God created us "humans" with love, care, and mercy. Yet we use it to our own uses and pride. I don't understand the world. It's a world confused and scared. Just because one human wears a scarf around her head doesn't mean she is not beautiful. To me she is mysterious and interesting. Just the visual of her eyes make her glamorous. Just because a human is a darker color, does that human look below you? The darkness of their skin color resembles the difference they have from other humans. Why do you terrorize that thought of having a simple difference? Do you feel that great feeding off of others suffering? You can call me a hypocrite for saying these things because I, a not perfect human, have made these mistakes. But I admit and acknowledge what I have done wrong. I am done with people who have too much pride within themselves. Pride is a good thing. You need it to have self-concept, but to the point of making yourself superior?

I stand for all the discriminated and inferior feeling humans. Please watch what you do with your words and project your voice loudly with enjoyment, so you can add a light into our darkening, rotting world.

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