Should There Even Be Change?

July 3, 2016
By , San Carlos, CA

On every single social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. , I have seen a very popular statement, “let’s stop judgement and let's stop using stereotypes.”

Yet, I never find myself agreeing to these statements. Why? We as humans, are taught by our mothers, fathers, and people surrounding us, that in order to judge our actions, we need to judge and use stereotypes. If you are at a station, alone at night, and you see a man, wearing baggy clothes, muttering to himself. What would you think? I bet instead of saying a friendly hello, you would attempt to stay put, or try to be far from him. Why? Because you want to protect yourself. So for everyone who wants to put an end to judgement, using stereotypes to decide what you should do next, it is a goal, that will not be reached. Of course, putting awareness to incredibly rude actions because of one’s race, gender, religion are all ways to make one reconsider their actions, but in the end, no one can stop judgement, and no one can stop stereotypes. I believe that these people who are doing unnecessary actions towards someone because of who they are, is done only because they are scared. Stereotypes can create a monster. With the current massacres done by those of Islamic belief, many people around the world are scared. And although many of those who are attempting to persuade those who are not of the same religion, that the Islamic religion itself is not a violent religion, it is unfortunately difficult to do. History is repeating itself. From when Africans were forced into the Americas and were used as slaves, they were treated terribly, because they were scared. The Germans during the Second World War were also scared. Everyone in this world is scared of one another, and that is why, in order to protect yourself from each other, judgment is needed. This world will never reach a peaceful state, for everyone unconsciously fears one another.

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