January 16, 2009
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(Encarta Dictionary)Minority ~ a smaller socially defined group; a group of people, whose members have different ethnic or racial characteristics from the rest of society

Minority. Minority. Minority. What is minority? I am thankful for being a minority. Minority is more than skin, it’s not just ethnicity, not just race, but it is an identity. Being dubbed a minority because of race, infers that you are not a minority. There are others of your race, but for now you are not with them. We all have different identities, but the few who are so different, so eccentric, are noted as being more unique than others. Among my race I am a minority, so they treat me differently than other African Americans. Mmmm, “they treat me differently,” that fact is the one gift I receive from all people, all races, and all places. To easily flow from “Black English” to proper English, to be an African American and typically maintain straight As, to be called ‘white’ yet, associate mostly with African Americans, and to know more than most African Americans about our own heritage, knowledge, yes, that makes me a minority, and I am thankful for it.
The connotation “minority” is often misunderstood as being “the few” or “one of the few”, but it is simply “the one”, alone, “the odd- man out”; it means to be different. It always means to be an observer, never accepted, only passing through. To have no close friends but acquaintances, people who talk to you out of convenience, people who never truly come to know you, loneliness, the want, the need for true friends, yes, that makes me a minority, and I am thankful for it. Unlike some, I always have something to prove, something to fight. Unlike some, I know what it is like to fall and have no one to sympathize with or to help me stand again. I have determination and devotion. Determination and devotion, yes, that makes me a minority, and I am thankful for it. Yet, I am not cold; I am not hardened. I show everyone the love that they refuse me. When I see someone alone, I make their loneliness become an object of the past. Kindness, yes, that makes me a minority, and I am thankful for it.
Knowledge, loneliness, determination, devotion, and kindness, yes, these things make me a minority. Minority. Minority. Minority. What is minority? Minority is a person whose characteristics differ from the rest of society. I am minority. You are minority. We are minority, and I am thankful for it.

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Sept. 2, 2016 at 3:56 pm
What a very well written story you got here
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