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May 29, 2014
By Gabby612000 BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Gabby612000 BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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Imagine if you walked into an interview and you were almost over qualified and you thought you had the job, but you were denied the job to a man with less experience. I know that it would get me mad because I worked harder than that man and he got just because I am a woman.

Woman have a less chance of getting recognized in the workplace if the boss is sexist. They will only be paying attention to the men in the office even if a woman is doing an amazing job. If the boss is focusing more on men in the office then it will be easier for the men to take credit for something that he didn’t do. This can also lead to women not getting a promotion. I think that this is a huge crime. That a women is not getting a promotion just because she is a woman. If a man takes all the credit for something a woman is doing it is easier for them to get the promotion because the man has more to show to the boss and if the woman accuses the man of stealing, the boss won’t believe her because he is sexist. So let’s just say that the woman did get the promotion, but the her boss is sexist and he fires her because she is too demanding. “Even in this day and age, a guy barks out an order and he is treated like someone who is in charge and a leader. But when a woman communicates in the exact same way, she’s immediately labeled assertive dominating, aggressive and overbearing ”-nytimes.com. This could cause her to be fired because she is too “rude” to her co-workers. These are the double standards that women go through because they are afraid of being called a mean thing that men call a woman when she is assertive and dominating. Nobody thinks of it as an independent woman.

These things can get under a woman’s skin and make her feel like she is actually like that when she is just independent. The way that their boss might treat them might make them feel that they aren’t doing a good job. This might lead to her being hyper critical and overly judgemental about her work. She might also spend all her time at work making sure that she doe everything she can to make the boss happy. Making a woman believing this is probably the worst thing a man can do because she would feel really bad about themselves and a woman should never feel like that. Woman might also feel like they are a minority. I believe that women should not be treated as a minority just because we have different parts than a man. I find that absolutely ridiculous. “Unfortunately, to sociologists we are. Minority group means ‘singled out for unequal treatment.’ So with that being said, the more dominant group me, would be the majority group because men have ‘greater power, privileges, and social status.’ “ -yahoo.com. Technically, we are a minority because of the definition, but we are not a minority because we are just an opposite gender. Nothing more special about men. Women can be just as smart, strong, and powerful as men.

Hopefully sexism would never come to this, but woman might want to stop coming to work. “But I think there’s probably a simpler reason, which is these guys are just jerks, and women know it.” -Google Consultant. These women might feel really bullied because they aren’t bad at their job, they are just there because they either like doing what they do or they have to do it to earn a living. If you make someone stop wanting to do what they love or make them stop doing what need to do, you are probably ruining someone’s life. Let’s just say that they already don’t like what they do, but a woman goes there and minds her own business and goes home. She never did anything to anyone, however you go over there and you start being sexist, it would be even less enjoyable to go in the workspace. She also wouldn’t feel welcomed. If it ever go to this then she would feel bullied and its not really fair to the woman because she is just there to do her job correctly.

I can see that some women can be very moody and indecisive. I can also see that some women can be easily persuaded. However, just because some women are like that doesn’t mean that all females are like that. It is a harsh stereotype. It’s like saying that all guys like blue and all girls like pink. It’s not always true. In fact, I bet some men are more indecisive than women, but don’t get judged as much. Sometimes it’s not just because they are women either, but because they have a medical issue like being bipolar and men can get it also.

We should eliminate all sexism in the office workspace. This is because women have less chance of getting a promotion, stop feeling welcomed in the workspace, and they have less chance of actually being recognized for their hard work. I can’t wait until this world will realize that just because females have different parts than a male, doesn’t mean that they are better and have greater power over women.

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