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Stop Racial Discrimination

March 5, 2014
By Seller_of_Purple SILVER, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
Seller_of_Purple SILVER, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
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People try to make up for slavery, by honoring and recognizing African-Americans. First of all, I am not racist in the least, I HATE racism and it is completely wrong. This is was the vast majority believes. But it is society that keeps racial discrimination alive! No one can say anything negative about our president, without being accused of racism. Here's the truth - THAT'S NOT RACISM! People who constantly accuse others of being racist, people who constantly raise awareness that someone is African- American (for instance saying "this is the first African American to hold such and such a position) are actually keeping racial discrimination alive! If there is no racial discrimination anymore, than why does it matter that someone disagrees with the president? If there is no racial discrimination why do people always call attention to the fact that someone is of a different race when they accomplish something or do anything? How come people say, "they are the first African American to hold this position" when they don't say "this is the 176th white person to hold this position" ? If we're all equal then why say it? If they're just the same as white people then why call attention to their race? They may be trying to "make up" for racial discrimination that previously prevailed in our country, but they are making it worse. I am not saying that we shouldn't recognize people of different races, we should! Take pleasure in different peoples, different cultures, different styles! But stop accusing people of being racist when all they're doing is treating someone of a different race the same way they would treat anyone else.

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