I Can but You Cannot

December 20, 2013
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Do you ever feel as if another individual is a bit more privileged than you? Most of the time, it concerns a characteristic that they have. This is called a double standard. Double standards come in many forms such as, sexism, racism, and ageism. Personally, I disagree with most of the double standards that exist. I believe it is wrong that everyone’s actions do not have the same consequences all around. Especially since our country was all about equality yet we have, in all honesty, accomplished very little since then.

To begin, I would like to say that I feel very strongly about sexism. The fact that some men believe they are superior to women is sick. I ask myself about the women’s suffrage all the time. We gained respect then, but as the years pass we slowly lose it. It isn’t right. Another sexist idea is that men are praised for having sex with multiple women but women are called w****s if they do it. Now, I wouldn’t say either gender should be praised for that then again women shouldn’t get the brunt of it. Society has even adapted to the idea of women staying home, cooking, and cleaning while men work and are the bread winners. This shouldn’t be what kids grow up and believe a normal household is. Some women are just as likely to bring home the money to support their family financially. There should be no double standard between men and women because they both are capable of doing the same things.

Nevertheless, racism is still very relevant in our world too. Sadly, even after segregation and what not, people in this world still think it is okay to judge a person by the color of their skin. In most situations it is acceptable for a black person to do something a white person shouldn’t. For example, the n-word. This word is a different form of the derogatory word used to describe black people. Apparently, it is okay for a black man to walk around calling his bros the n-word in a friendly way but if a white man were to do so he’d be called a racist. I disagree with that because if that was the case no one should use the word. If freedom of speech exists, why can’t I say something that my fellow black friends are saying? Another racist double standard is, that if a white man kills a black man there is always a reason but if a black man kills a white man he is an uncontrollable killer. Either way it’s murder! Both races should have the same consequences and reasoning. This is why cases like the Trayvon Martin case are so publicized. Everyone notices that it is wrong but it doesn’t stop.

On a different note, teenage double standards also are very prevalent in our world. All you have to do is walk in any high school and talk to the kids. They, like I, would probably have a lot to say. One common double standard is based on teenage appearance. If you are trying out for a sport and you look small and awkward coaches will assume that it is your first time playing and not let you do much. If they see you compared to a taller, buffer person they will choose you to participate. Assumptions alone are bad but to put them in action by creating double standard is worse. Sometimes the small kid is more talented than the big one. Another ageism double standard involves shopping. If an employee of a store sees a teenager walk in the store they assume that they will steal. Employees will follow you around the store making sure nothing is being put in your pockets. Meanwhile, if a middle-aged man/woman were to walk in it would be normal and employees would trust them. Adults are just as capable of stealing as kids are. I will never understand why people think the opposite. Personally, its happened to me and has gotten to the point where I freaked out that a cashier would even imply that my friends and I were up to no good. All I wanted was a slurpee and then I get accused of attempting to steal. What’s your proof? My date of birth? Everyone who has this habit should rethink it now.

In conclusion, I deem that double standards are pathetic. There’s no reason for someone to be allowed to do something that another person can’t. It isn’t fair and will never be until we step up. I know when I encounter double standards I put my foot down, you should learn to do the same. As Gandhi would say “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Whether it is racism, sexism, or ageism don’t take a part in it because you are a race, you are a sex, and you are an age.

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