Just Why?

June 16, 2013
By ZombieWriter SILVER, Yorktown, Indiana
ZombieWriter SILVER, Yorktown, Indiana
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"It costs nothing to speak out, but remaining silent could cost everything" V for Vendeda

Why lie, cheat, steal, hurt, kill? Why? Why break heart and break promises? Why throw around words that should mean the world, words like “I love you”, until they are just as worthless as the garbage left after yesterday’s lunch? The words have lost their meaning and are foreign when they are meant to be a proclamation of feeling from the heart and soul. There are some who do truly mean it, then there are those who just use those words to get what they want.

Why cheat? It only hurts everyone, the cheaters and the one who is betrayed, left lying on the bathroom floor, empty and bleeding. They just lay there, tears and blood flowing as the pain seeps deeper and deeper, cutting deep till all they have is the pain, the memories and the questions.

“Why did he do this?” “Why didn’t I see it?” “Why can’t I stop loving her even though she betrayed my trust?” “Why does it hurt so much?” “What did I do to push him away?” “Why won’t this pain go away?” All the questions that fill your mind, that swirl around the wound in your heat, yet no one quite ever gets the answers. So all we’re left with is the unanswered question, the one that is the big haunting question that we’re all afraid of….


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