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LGBT why we think the way we do?

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Instead of labeling this in the love/relationship section, I've decided to label it as discrimination. I absolutely hate the way people treat gays, lesbians, transsexuals, etc. Most of these people are known as homophobes. Although they are narrow minded, It's only because of their religions and the people they are around. In my opinion I do not get the difference between a gay person and a straight person, because last time I checked they are BOTH human beings. As humans we hate people who do not function the same way that we do. We completely hate it when someone has some originality that makes them completely different. As Pocahontas once said: " We think the only people who are people, are the people who acts and think like us." We act as if we are robots. Whenever one robot is not functioning properly we think it's broken and has some problems that we may try to fix but can never accomplish. This is no different than 'The Holocaust' when we hated Jews for being Jewish because we thought it was a sin, When we hate black people for being colored and we thought they were demons, when we hated Muslims for following the preaching of Muhammad. Please answer me. we are hating people now for being gay because it said so in the bible. Last time I checked the 'bible' was written by men, and hundreds of years ago being Jewish was a sin. I would like everyone who reads this article to leave a comment below saying why you are a homophobe and why you are not a homophobe, and leave an argument that actually makes sense. Keep in mind that I'm catholic meaning I go to church every Sunday and can never hate a person because of the way they act or because of their sexuality. Why do we hate people who are different than us?

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