Race In America

June 7, 2013
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“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating, it’s just plain wrong.” (Muhammad Ali). “Land of the free” is America’s motto and what we are known for in most other countries. Those seeking this U.S. “freedom” of religious or other prosecutions from distant countries. Skin color, religion and language are all traits of geographical location. America’s borders, law enforcement and security are put in place to stop those whose intents are to harm citizens of the U.S. The methods used are not intended to be racist, but are nessicary for the safety of America. There is a difference between what racism means today, and what it used to be. Today’s racism is for a purpose, while historically racism was much worse.

Racial profiling is where this begins. Judging people based on how they look, act and speak. In “To Kill a Mocking Bird” racial profiling is proven by the difference in class, job and economy. Blacks worked in white people’s homes and are constantly in danger. Bob Ewell says these words after a trial in which led to the death of a black man; “one down, two to go.” By two, he is referencing another person of color and those involved. This is different from today. Hate crime still exists, but it is now against the law and is a smaller issue then it once was. Racial profiling however is still an issue. Everyone has a life. It is crazy to think about, but the person sitting next to you, the people you see on TV, all are living different lives with different emotions. Regardless of skin color, religion or geographical location. Everyone is leading a life just as you are. Everyone has feelings like you do. But the question is, would we like to stop racial profiling in airports, borders and larger territorial areas, or do we want maintain racial profiling to insure the safety of American citizens?

There is a principal to this. Not judging others based on skin color is always a good thing to practice and to learn. But my personal belief is that in some cases, this is ok. Along the border of Washington lies Canada. Two years ago, on the night of new years, a man with over 300 pounds of ingredients to create a bomb stuffed in the back of his van, attempted to cross the border into the US to bomb the LA airport. When at the border, the man of Middle Eastern decent was asked to step from his vehicle and open the trunk. He tried to flee and was caught shortly after the attempt. Racial profiling had just saved possibly thousands of lives. Sure, this is only one case. But one case of racial profiling at a border or air port could potentially save thousands of lives. I do not believe this is a hate crime. We are singling out a race. But with probable cause. This does not go without saying that not all people of the certain race are illegal or a bad person. But the tendency has pointed to a certain race. Post 9/11, the steps taken in border and airport security is drastic, but nessicery. The idea behind it is not to offend anyone, but to protect the US.

Immigration has done nothing for us. They may “do the jobs we don’t want for cheap”. But this also takes jobs away from thousands of citizens a year. This also screws with the economy and class system. Rich people become richer, while unemployed people still can’t find a job. This is where misunderstanding gets the best of people. We do not hate people of color, we do not hate where they come from. Borders must stop them and police must ask for their cards simply for the sake of the economy and for the safety of the US. These are the cases in which racial profiling is necessary. But without the probable cause, it can be considered a hate crime.

Picture this. You’re with your friends at a store. You are not looking for something specific. You’re only walking around. But you are stopped and asked to leave, you and your friends. Now this can be because you’re a kid but more than that. This is more likely to happen if you’re of color. Stereotypes are a serious problem. Stereotypes are results of social media and gossip. Friends of friends tell you stories, then you see someone of color on the TV shoplifting (because that seems to be the only people who do so on TV) and you now have this perception that all people of that color have a tendency to shop lift. Given, this is just a smaller scale of what they do at airports and borders. But thousands of lives are different from a candy bar. And if you are already in the country and can fluently speak English, common sense should be used. When Americans get these racial stereotypes in there head, this is where racism begins. People begin to “hate” not only the person that was shop lifting on TV, but all people of his skin color because they “all have the tendency” to shop lift. But this is a step up from history.

Slavery and segregation are now a part of American history. The “land of the free” did not reign true until after the late 60’s. After 50 plus years of not repeating what we started, I would say racism has almost successfully been abolished. America does not hate those of color. We do not attempt to harm them or keep them separate. We simply use precautions for safety. This is not an excuse, this is the truth. Had that bomber gotten through the border on the night of new years, racial profiling would have only gotten worse.

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dooba.m said...
Jun. 10, 2013 at 7:27 pm
Are you saying racism is appropriate? 
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