I am moral without a God

June 4, 2013
By Maggie Heermann SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
Maggie Heermann SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
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Yes I am the author of the "Ode to the Atheist" poem about going from being an Atheist into being a Christian. I'm here to say within my second semester of my Senior year I decide Atheism was best for me again. I'm writing this article today because I am frustrated by the amount of people who have chosen to delete me from their friend list on Facebook after finding out on Facebook I'm an Atheist.

I just don't understand. If you're a Christian and post a bible verse you can get so many likes and positive comments. So why is it so wrong for me to just post quotes on my philosophy and values as an Atheist.

I understand the two most controversial topics you can talk about with people are religion and politics. I'm Democrat and have some Republican friends. I never talk about my political views with people who don't share my side, but if other Christians can post bible verses I think I have the right to share a little of my Atheist philosophy on Facebook.

The three main issues my Atheist quotes on Facebook about are how I feel I see clearer as an Atheist, being religious doesn't always make you more moral, and that there's nothing wrong with being skeptical or questioning your faith. If you really knew me you'd know some quotes I see on these Atheist quote pages on Facebook I choose not to post because I think they are too pushy. If you believe in God no I do not agree with you but that's fine with me if you follow faith while I follow reasoning. Both ways provide some personal explanations for the purpose or reason of events that happen to us.

What makes me so mad is this week I went to one of my friends open houses. Then after attending she messages me without knowing I'm an Atheist and tells me that the Lord will bless in my future after High School. Then today I logged on Facebook and found out she had deleted me as her friend.

I have two comments to your response.

My first is when I walked into your open house as an Atheist I met a few new people and stuck up some conversations with people. I even talked with one of my old youth pastors for a little while. I could tell people enjoyed me coming over without knowing I was an Atheist.

My second response is if you had enough time to write me that message about how you'll miss me next year in college and that the Lord will bless my future, before finding out I am an Atheist you had enough time to at least talk to me before deciding you couldn't be my friend anymore.

This is what I don't understand about catchy songs like the gospel hymn Go Tell it on the Mountains, or the catchy Christian rock song Tell the World by Hillsong United. You would think people would take the words to heart, but as an Atheist some people who find out I don't believe in God just quit being my friend. They don't even talk to me before judging me as being a bad person.

If you think being a Christian makes you more moral than what do you have to say about so claimed Christians who are not doing what Jesus says at all. Yes Jesus taught a few decent values like loving your enemies, but the most important is loving everyone no matter who they are in other words loving your neighbor as yourself.

I think kindness is a choice. It's a choice whether or not when that girl in Biology walks in with a tacky outfit you choose to laugh along with the group of kids who are making fun of her or you choose the right choice which is to stand up for her. I know everyone's dealt with peer pressure, but what I'm saying is in a moment like that instantly a Christian could totally be going against loving your neighbor as yourself. So my point is in situations like these why do some people only associate good values with Christianity.

Just as Plato says "Knowledge without justice is to be called cunning rather than wisdom." What's the use in memorizing the ten commandments if you never actually attempt to use them?

I understand everyone is a sinner or is imperfect, but the so called Christians who are constantly going against what Jesus preaches is why I struggle in believing in morality with God.

I've been complimented numerous times on Facebook for commenting on the importance of staying true to yourself and steering away from popularity in the teen years. One of my friends even commented I wish there were more girls like you in High School to look up to and he thanked me for setting such a good example for the younger generation. Now for me that's enough proof I am moral without God.

I hope to raise children some day and one value I will teach them is the importance of respecting people's differences especially when it comes to religious beliefs. Whether they choose to follow my path of no religion or choose Christianity I will teach them they are to never force their views on me or other people.

The author's comments:
I've lost a few friends on Facebook after they say my posts on Facebook about Atheism. I'm not trying to be rude or forceful when I say I don't believe in God.

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