Pink and Blue

June 3, 2013
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The color for the unborn baby girl’s baby shower banner was pink. All the presents that lined the wall were pink. The whole baby shower’s color scheme was pink. Pink streamers, pink party hats, a pink cake and just an overabundance of pink. Do you know why the party for the unborn girl is pink without the family knowing the unborn girls favorite color? Well I do, the stereotypical color for girls is pink. Have you ever seen in movies or baby pictures that the color of the babies hat or blanket is usually pink or blue, the two stereotypical colors. Children don’t think of this as wrong or right because they don’t think about it. It has been this way for so long and kids are influenced by the world around them that segregation between young boys and girls is right. The amount of segregation between boys and girls has skyrocketed significantly more in 20th century then in the 1990’s.

Princesses, that is such a huge topic. There are now more than 25,000 disney princess items. If you had to put princesses into a gender what gender would you put them in? Without a doubt it would be girls. Why is that, why do girls only play with barbies and wear pink? Princesses is starting to become a “trend,” kids are looking up to the disney princesses and thinking thats what they want to be when they’re older. The amount of money Disney makes with the princesses has gone from $300 million in 2001 to 3 billion dollars today. You’re probably thinking “why is this a problem?” this is showing boys that they shouldn’t be princesses or wear pink. It is putting more separation between little boys and girls.
Dora has become so much more popular now that she has had a princess episode. Girls and boys are influenced by what they see on commercials, tv shows and by their parents. When the “Hot Wheels”™ commercial comes on and the little boy and girl is watching they both see only boys on the tv. Girls think that since boys are the only ones on the commercial that only boys play with cars. When the girls parents come home and give her brother the cars and her the barbie for their birthdays it gives them more reason to not play with ‘the “girl” or “boy” toys.
Walking into Walgreens and looking around, seeing all the different colors, then you look over and see something strange, something weird. You see pink earplugs for “girls” they’re the same as the colorful ones but these were made for girls. It’s not like boys are allergic to pink earplugs, it’s that companies think that by making a “boys” version and a “girls” version of a product, a family will want to buy a “girls” version and a “boys” version for their children.
I remember as a kid thinking lego’s were so cool, well now all girls can think that because “Lego” the company has come up with a “girls” lego called “Friends.” The company states “It is twice as successful as we anticipated.” It just goes to show that girls want to play with lego’s and trucks so when “girl” lego’s were created girls jumped at the opportunity to have them. Toy makers are so oblivious to what is going on around them, all they think about is making money. They think that they can make the same toy but one for boys and girls just like Lego did.
When the little boy asks for a doll for his birthday parents don’t want their child to be bullied because they have a “girl” toy. When the parents say sorry no you can’t or don’t get the boy the doll it shows him that he shouldn’t have a doll, that it’s not right for him to. It’s just like how in my language arts class when someone is giving a book talk we are not aloud to say the book is a “boy” or “girl” book because there isn’t such a thing. Why do kids need yet another thing to separate them from each other.

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