Discrimination of the American Pit Bull Terrier

May 30, 2013
Discrimination. There are many forms of discrimination, among humans it is race or gender, but there's even discrimination of different breeds of dogs. Ridiculous right? The main breed of dog that is discriminated is the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), why you wonder? The answer is simple, fear. Humans fear things that are stronger than they are. They always put the blame on the Pit Bull, but the truth is, it's not the dog, it's how they are raised. Pit Bull has become a terrified name across the world and is now even banned in places throughout the country. They've been accused of many things, and sometimes forced to fight. The key word there is forced. Would they be as feared if some stupid person hadn't forced them to fight? Would they be as feared if they weren't abused and neglected to the point of turning on their owners? The answer is NO. They are dogs, just as the faithful German Shepherd or the Border Collie, they are normally sweet tempered but that has been ruined in some due to their owners. You want to ban or discriminate something? Don't ban or discriminate something that can't do it back, something that is helpless when placed in human care. If you want to discriminate or ban something, ban the people that have twisted the name of the glorious, majestic, beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier; the owners who have abused and neglected them or fought them to the death or killed them when they prove useless in fighting, discriminate and ban people like Michael Vick and so many other people that harm these helpless dogs.( Open Letter To Michael Vick). The dogs deserve a second chance, they shouldn't have to be scared to live, they shouldn't be slowly killed off or shunned from the world. It's not their fault.

Lets look at the past of the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the past, Pit Bulls were used as war dogs to sniff out bombs, in many occasions they have saved peoples lives. One, whose name was Sgt. Stubby, saved an entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack as well as capturing a German spy, he was crowned war hero. They were so popular that in both the World Wars they were our countries mascot, being used on posters that recruited soldiers. After the wars we had began using them as therapy dogs in senior homes or hospitals, and also in search and rescue work. Pit Bulls have saved thousands of lives. Some have even been used as narcotic sniffing dogs. One Pit Bull, named Popsicle (due to the fact he was abused and found in a freezer), holds the largest record for a single drug bust where he found over 3000 pounds of cocaine in Texas.

These dogs are exactly that, dogs, not killing machines. In fact, they score an approximate 83.4% in the American Temperament Test Society, which is better than the Border Collie which scores approximately 79.6%. Also, they have proved to have a lower level of aggression than Poodles!!! The American Pit Bull Terrier is not an aggressive breed, they are, in fact loving and gentle, although like other dogs some individuals may have behavioral problems and of course some may become aggressive due to neglect, abuse and being forced to fight. As a matter of fact they are so good natured normally that they were referred to as nanny dogs because they are so good with kids. Sound like the demonic crazed dog that you've heard of throughout the years? Still want to discriminate?

I know you think you have probable reasons for hating the Pit Bull. I mean studies show that most dog attacks or deaths by dogs are caused by Pit Bulls, but look at those dogs past. Their owners and what has happened to them throughout their lives. Most of them have been mistreated or abused or forced to fight since they were young. The Pits that have not been subjected to this behavior might just have temperament problems, rabies, or some other problem that is common in all other dogs.

Pit Bulls are not generally or even naturally people aggressive. As a matter of fact in between 1936-72, “Pete the pup” from little rascals made the Pit Bull become a favored pet throughout America because the way he performed as fun-loving and good tempered, people portrayed the Pit Bull as the ideal pet for children. And the children throughout America would ask for a companion just like “Pete the Pup” even though they did not know the name of the breed. However, as well with all other dogs, they can be aggressive towards other animals, especially those of the same gender. Dogs have something called prey instinct, Pit Bulls have a high one. But this is no different than dogs that have been bred for hunting or herding such as Shetland sheep dogs and bloodhounds (Pit Bull facts). Pit Bulls were originally war dogs and boar/bear hunting dogs, which soon became illegal and then they were forced to fight. This made them become evil in the eyes of humans and as media exposed them as bad the people ended up thinking of them as bad (American Pit Bull Terrier). The fact that they have a lot of pounds in lockjaw pressure doesn't help trying to get them a better name, but in fact they are not the only dogs with lock jaw, every dog has lock jaw, and also they don't even have the most powerful lock jaw. This has, of course, been tested. Dr. Brady Barr from National Geographic tested three of the more supposedly dangerous dogs, the Pit Bull, German Shepherd, and the Rottweiler. The average lock jaw pressure is approximately 320 pounds per square inch. Now, would you be shocked if I told you the Pit Bull had the lowest pressure per square inch? The Pit Bull was the lowest at 235 pounds of pressure per square inch. You think thats a lot? The German Shepherds highest was 238. and last but not least the Rottweilers highest was at 328, supposedly the highest recorded lock jaw pressure ever recorded in a domestic dog (Bite Contest). And to think people thought of the Pit to have 10,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Now that's crazy (Real Pit Bull: Breed Myths).

Myths. Thats what the rumors of Pit Bulls have been placed on. Like the lock jaw, there are many other myths about Pit Bulls that have been proved like wise. Like the fact that “Pit Bulls don't feel pain!” Now that is just ridiculous. Pit Bull anatomy shows that they have the same nervous system as all other dogs and do feel pain. And as for “lock jaw,” the skull of the Pit Bull is the same concept of any other dog and there is no evidence of a “locking mechanism” in their jaw that would enable them to do so. So the myth that they can hold on with their front teeth and chew with their back teeth is quite a bunch of bull too (Real Pit Bull: Breed Myths).

So, if the history of the Pit Bull is so amazing, why do we discriminate them so much? Is it because of their suspicion of strangers that makes them wary to approach people that they do not know that caused part of the discrimination? I mean it can't possibly be because they are highly affectionate or eager to please or courageous can it? They can overcome the craziest tasks thrown at them, no dog in the world can outdo the American Pit Bull Terrier. This is a breed that went from being at the top of the nation and being the nations symbol of pride and courage, to being torn down by cruel people that have ruined the name for them by forcing them to fight and killing them and torturing them. They do not deserve the discrimination and hate that is thrown at them from all over, they have feelings just as humans do and they deserve a second chance! Don't hate the dog they don't deserve your hate. Hate people that hurt the breed that was once high in the world of dogs, people like Michael Vick who torture dogs in many cruel ways. Ban the people that hold dogs under water and drown them as they kick and cry until they die because they were unwilling or unfit to fight. Ban the people that would snap a dogs neck because it got to old or caused a dog fighter to lose to much money. Hate the people that would wet down a dog then hold wires to its body and electrocute it because it couldn't heal fast enough for the next fight, or the people that would hang a dog for similar reasons. Also the people that would strap down a female dog and force her to submit to many of the “winning” dogs so they could breed and pass on their blood line that would be just as cruelly abused as their parents. Those are the people we should hate, and discriminate, and ban from this world. Not the victim, but the criminal, the abuser, the neglecter! Pit Bulls are amazing dogs, so don't discriminate or ban them it's not worth wasting your breath over. How would you feel if someone banned your favorite dog, that you had one of and you had it stole away from you and “humanly euthanized”? Just because people didn't like it? Wouldn't like it would you? Pit Bulls are family pets, you ban them then you break many peoples hearts, there needs to be a crackdown of finding the sick cruel people out there and get rid of them, rehabilitate the pit bulls that can be saved! But do not force them into extinction and abandonedness. They are people to!

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Lack said...
Feb. 9, 2016 at 10:38 am
Sorry but that dog is not ANY kind of pit bull but good essay love it I think it's going to help me on my assignment for 5th grade
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